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Is there a similar program to Windows Journal for Mac?

Asked by registered99 (35points) September 22nd, 2008

I’m looking to take notes/do math homework on my mac, and I’ve been yet unable to find a program similar to it. I’d like to be able to take notes on lined paper, adding new pages just as you can in Windows Journal.

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I think if you open microsoft office wizard, there is a notes template for word that might work.

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Notebook view in MS Word for Mac does this; not sure about the math part though. The 2008 version allows you to record audio whole taking notes-cool! It also marks chapters in reach new bullet point so that when you’re done recording you can “cue” to the section of audio just by placing the cursor at the corresponding bullet.

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If you’re looking to use a tablet to scribble notes etc Jarnal is most likely your best bet. Coca Pad is nifty too. Sorry for the lack of links! I’m posting from the ‘ol iPhone ;)

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Not certain if is can do Lined Paper….

Mac Journal is both a Journal and Blogger Software!

Another option to check out is Notebook 3.0 from Circus Ponies.

Good Luck!
and a Woo Hoo!

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Evernote <—cross platform and awesomely awesome
VoodooPad <—great program

Also, I know that there’s an option for your tablet that makes it usable in any program you use on your mac.

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Anyone for lined paper and free?

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