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Did you ever have to do the egg baby project, in school?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (18156points) 1 week ago

The project was simple.
Everyone got a hard-boiled egg, and had to draw something unique on it, in permanent marker.
Then. You had to copy whatever you drew, and give the copy and egg to the teacher, for inspection.
Then. The project began.
You had to carry the egg baby with you, for a certain number of days. At the end of the time period, the teacher would grade you on the condition of your egg baby. Obviously. The goal was to preserve your egg baby, with no damage. Using the copy you gave, the teacher could verify that you hadn’t cheated.

When I had to do it. I think I was like 12… They did it all at once. So the entire 7th grade was carrying eggs around. It made for an interesting week.
There were accidental egg cracks or deaths, negligently damagd eggs, lost eggs, and indeed murdered egg babies.
The experience was fun, and wild. It also gave rise to egg baby serial killers.

I JUST was reminded about the project. Otherwise. I had forgotten.

Does anyone know if they even do this, schools, anymore?

Thoughts, stories, confessions?...

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Since the nineties there have been baby dolls that cry and need diaper changes, feeding, burping, and record it all for the teacher including drops. My mother used the with her classes and a friend recently confesses that he put his in the freezer overnight to kill that battery so he could get some sleep.

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I never did the “egg baby” thing. But I did suck at coloring eggs, they kinda looked black when I was done because I always tried to put too many colors on them.

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When I was in 2nd grade my teacher presented us with a a lot of baby chick’s. We drew lots on who could take them home. I drew first lot. Mom, who was was raised on on a farm, opened the stove, turned it on on to low, and put the cage of chicks on the drop down part of the stove. I took the happy chick’s back to school…not a one of them lived beyond that night

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No. I think the public school I went to did something like that but I quit going before taking that class.

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No but that does sound like a fun idea. I hope intentional egg murders were severely punished by a reduction in grade.
it wold be interesting to see if they turned out to be psychos later in life.

I was in an advanced class and learned about different mathematical base systems. For a short while as an exercise all our classes used base 7. The digits 101 in base 7 would be 50 in decimal. ( 1×49 + 1×1) I can still remember many of the conversions. It was really fun. I wish they had used base 9, octal. That would have been much useful in computer programming.

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BTW I did not put those apostrophes in “chicks.”

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None of the schools I went to did the egg baby thing, as far as I know.

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Yes. At least once….I think maybe twice. I don’t recall it being a problem.

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Thank God they came up with that idea after I had graduated from school. The first time I heard about it, I think it was a 5 pound bag of flour that the kids were carrying. I had started babysitting when I was 10 & I already understood what a pain in the ass babies were & I was one of the last girls in my school to lose her virginity because I knew that I wasn’t ready to be a full time mother!!!

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Never heard of that.

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Escaped it somehow. I have heard of it though.

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