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If you could wake up tomorrow and magically be a virtuoso of one music instrument, what would it be?

Asked by rockfan (14388points) 1 week ago from iPhone

For me, the piano, hands down. What about you?

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Bass guitar.

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It’s the first instrument I played when I was a preteen.

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Ukulele. I play, semi-pro, but would be nice to be better. Won’t happen now, though, too old to really improve much.

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I’ve dreamed of being a trumpet virtuoso.
I played it from 4th grade through college. Got a musical scholarship in high school and auditioned for a trumpet spot on the US Army band (and was accepted). One problem. My lack of real talent. I could play the music (hit all the notes) but I couldn’t put any kind of feeling into the music. My trumpet playing was discredited as computer-like. How I wished that I could make that step up into the next level. Sadly, I realized that you either have talent or you don’t. And I don’t have it.

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Violin, cello or piano – if it’s magic, can’t I be a virtuoso on three?

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The guiltar.

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My first passion is the piano for sure! When I was about 4 years old we moved into this old farm house and it had an old upright piano and I loved to try and play it. Never had any formal lessons but I played it anyway and self taught myself a couple easy tunes.

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Ukulele or bass guitar; I’ve played both semi-professionally.

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Probably keyboard/piano. This is an instrument that I think is very versatile across many musical forms. I’m relevant to rock, classical, jazz, and almost everything.

Mind you, this would never happen. I am as musically uninclined as you can get. As a kid, I tried to get into music and was discouraged by my teacher because I was incapable of keeping a beat and seemed to have no ear for tone. Great teacher, right? But he wasn’t wrong.

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Hang drums, hand pans. There are many names for them. They’re a percussion instrument. I’ve always been more of a strings guy.

I’ve played guitar, and bass, since I was 16. It runs in the family, big time. People say I’m pretty good. However. I’ve seen/heard plenty of examples of better players. Some are astonishingly great. I’d love to have that mastery…

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I like the idea of a portable instrument. I love piano, but it’s not portable unless you’re talking about an electric keyboard (which requires power). I like the idea of being able to take an instrument to a park and sit under a tree with it (which was a popular activity when I was growing up in the 70s and early 80s), or bringing it to a party and bringing joy to the other guests.

I like the bagpipes but even though it’s a portable instrument, it’s huge and bulky.

Fiddle/violin is another fun portable one.

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I’d love to be in a metal band. Doesn’t matter which instrument.
I’d love to be the lead singer screaming into the mic.

I’d have a genetically superior throat, coated with the cells of an 18 year old even though I’m over 30.

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