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Have you ever caused an automobile accident?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4244points) 2 months ago

I was watching this video and there were some really crazy but avoidable accidents. Road rage and people not paying attention.

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Caused? No. Well, unless you count one time brakes failed on pickup truck, rear ended another at a light. Been involved in? Maybe a dozen by now. I drive for a living, road ragers don’t trigger me in the least.

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I have never caused, nor never been involved in an auto accident.
I am also a very defensive driver with great awareness and peripheral vision.

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@Forever_Free You are very lucky!

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@Dig_Dug I think there is more than luck going on.

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@Forever_Free I have been in a couple, none MY fault. One I was rear-ended by this distracted B-word on her phone and the other I T-boned this B-word that ran a stop sign.

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Yes, I was approaching an intersection when the light turned green, I pushed on the gas, but the cars waiting for the light to change didn’t move. I slammed into the truck in front of me and pushed him into the car in front of him.
No one in any car was hurt, but my son’s car, which I was driving, was totalled. The two boys in back seat were bruised on the shoulder by the safety belts. My airbag did not deploy.
The insurance paid full price for a replacement and I lost my Safe driving discount, a large increase in premiums for three years.

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Yes. In 1973 I got hit in an open intersection when I failed to give right-of-way to a vehicle on my right.

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No. I did get t boned at a stop sign once. Luckily no one was hurt.

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I caused one. I was going down a preposterously steep hill and going a little faster than I should. Dude in front of me stopped sharp for… I don’t remember why. I skidded into him. No damage, he just shrugged it off.

I have also been in several that were the other person’s fault. One a big ol’ Ford truck pulled out of a gas station in an illegal left hand turn while he couldn’t see because the setting sun behind me blinded him. I didn’t have enough time to stop and totalled my car against his front driver side tire. His car was barely scratched, mind was totaled.

I was rear ended while stationary at a red light that then pushed me into the person ahead of me. That was awesome. Rear ended again on the highway, but that time it was just scratches to the bumper.

====Warning, do not continue if you don’t want to be bummed out and horrified =====

I was regrettably witness to a fatal one, and this was kind of rough to see…and probably will be to read, so you’ve been warned. Winter morning, I was at a light and across the street, a woman’s car had broken down at the light on her side. Her hood was up and she was under it like she was just going to fix it on the spot. Presumably without tools. But she was outside and in front of her car.

I was barely paying attention when I heard a bang and screaming. Evidently another woman in a van had decided not to bother cleaning her windshield well, it was mostly ice, and also fogged up so bad she couldn’t see, but y’know, kept going for some reason, rammed into the back of the stalled woman’s car. This caused the car to start rolling slightly downhill and into the intersection where fast moving cars from either direction were moving.

Instead of getting out of the way, she screamed and kept trying to push the car to stop as it slowly carried her into the intersection. She finally lost her footing, slipped and went under the car…and the first tire. It was… pretty awful.

Most people just kept going, but me and a couple other people ran out, but there was nothing we could have done the EMTs assured us later. The reason she didn’t just let the car go? Her son was in a car seat in the back.

Sorry for the buzzkill, but when you asked about car accidents, that came into my head. So I had to relive it and now you did with me.

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Yep, when I was 19 I was in traffic and went to get the cigarette lighter to light a smoke. I looked up and I had to slam on the brakes because a truck in front of me had stopped. The pick up truck was fine but my 72 Plymouth Duster needed a lot of work.

I totaled a car when I was driving too fast around a curve into an alley of eucalyptus trees. The same Duster hit the trees like a pin ball. Finally hit one head on, and mashed the front end.

They did not cite me for drunk driving although they could have.

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Every time I walk down the street.


Not that I’m aware of. I’ve only been in accidents when someone else was driving.

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Yes. The roads were covered in snow and a layer of ice and I was driving on a hilly street going downhill toward a stop sign. I tried to stop but began sliding well before the intersection. Since i tried to slow down early I had time to make a decision: If I speed up I will spend less time in the intersection and reduce my chances of getting hit. Or I can continue to slide through slowly and increase the odds of getting hit.
I hit the gas – and went right into the side of another car.

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@Jonsblond That took me a second to process, but made me smile. :)

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Yea, I tapped a guys back bumper when I was changing a CD in the car.

I helped him pop the bumper back into place and he left. He didn’t seem bothered or alarmed at all lol.

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No. I did witness a car crash when I was outside on a restaurant patio eating when I heard a massive crash and saw to cars that smacked into each other. I think every one was alright.

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The other four drivers seemed to think so. Traffic was heavy and car hit me in the rear pushing me into the back of a car, which hit the car in front of him, which hit the car in fr…......

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Oh, well twice was not my fault in parking lots where people didn’t slam into me because they were not looking, and the only time it was my fault I was still just learning to drive and I misjudged the distance of my neighbor’s car and swiped it. She was nice about it. They took the car to get repaired and we paid for the fix rather than tell our insurance. Because I was a new driver we could hardly afford the insurance as it was. The new driver cost was crazy back then. About 3 times or a regular driver.

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Still on my to-do list.

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Once – I was going to a party in a beach neighborhood where there were (2-way) stop signs on the cross streets, so I kept driving right through the intersections… until one intersection where the (2-way) stop sign was on the main street, so no stop sign on the cross street. I drove in front of cross traffic, so got hit in the back. Turned my car 180 deg., my fault. :(

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No, but I did run over a squirrel this morning. He changed directions crossing the street as I was driving by this morning…. squish…

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