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What are some careers never suggested by a career counselor? (Possibly NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23789points) 2 months ago

Gang member.
Exotic dancers.
King pin.
Elected official.
Career student.

Humorous, and real answers welcome.

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12 Answers

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Drug smuggler/mule
Money Launderer
Tax Evader
Social Media Influencer
Christian Nationalist

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Career counselor.

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Proud boy.

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PORN star – - – - – I don’t have the necessary equipment 1

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Cat herding in the Midwest
Manufacturer of hand crafted MAGA caps.

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Day trader on stock exchange
Real estate speculator
Bank robber
Artist, Actor, Musician, Poet, Novelist

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“Medical Technologist”. I call it the invisible and thankless profession. Doctors can’t do most of their work without the help of Medical Technologists yet most people have no clue (or care) what they do.

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Fluther poster.

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Mattress tester.
Penny stock investor.

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Major bank CEO lousy investor.

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Sewer line cleaner (as seen in the Dirty Jobs show)

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