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Would you buy the shoes?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) September 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

My 15-year-old is doing preseason basketball conditioning. She has not played organized bball in two years, but decided to go for it this year. Try-outs aren’t until November, but the “team” is being fitted for matching shoes. A request went home to have all the players have the same shoes, and that fittings would take place Friday. The cost is $73.00, a good $40.00 below retail. My daughter is a decent player. Would you buy the shoes without knowing if your kid made a team. Also, assume that there is not a need for bball shoes, she has a pair that fit.

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You can never have to many pairs of shoes :-)

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That is ridiculous. What is the coach getting as a kick back from whereever the shoes are being purchased from…..?

NO, I would not buy the shoes.

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@Judi you have tapped the 15-year-old’s mind.

@Snoopy there is a Nike representative coming to fit the girls. My mom guilt for possibly having given birth to the only bball player with white shoes while the team has black is clouding my judgment!

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i agree with snoopy. how could they expect you to buy shoes and you don’t know if the kid made the team? that’s kind of crazy.

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Use a check
cancle it and return the shoes if she doesn’t make the cut
She probably won’t want to see them dangling around her room anyway if she’s not on the team
Thats what credit card and checking account service fees are for, so use them to YOUR benifit for once.

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Buy her the Damn shoes!
It’s not like A pair Soccor shoes.
You know there’s only 1 use for those bad boys… and thats on the field!

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I think this is a nasty little act by the school and Nike to get more money.

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I agree with Marina, something’s up.

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I wouldn’t. It’s ridiculous. I bought my daughter a pair of cheap shoes for volleyball camps and clinics this summer, with the understanding that I’d buy her the real deal if she made the team. She ended up not even trying out, decided to do Color Guard instead.

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I’ll tell you what, the coach IS getting an incetive here (or that’s my guess). It happened here in southeastern WI…and a coach got in BIG trouble for it.

And, NO I wouldn’t buy the shoes. If she’s good enough for the team, she’s good enough in the shoes she’s in.

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Buying a pair of shoes for your 15-years old daughter – 73$
Believing she will become a great basketball player – priceless.

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Here is another thought. She is 15. I am guessing she has a “piggy bank”. (Birthday money, babysitting, etc.)

Let her pay for the shoes.

I still wouldn’t personally do that w/ my kid as I still think is rotten w/ this…...I would probably even discuss it w/ the coach and the school…...

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