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What could "wokeness" possibly have to do with cell phones?

Asked by jca2 (15331points) 2 months ago

I administer a group on Facebook, a small group (less than 25) of local people. All of the people in the group are older than I am and a lot of them are my friends.

One of the ladies just posted that she got a new cell phone service, and they’re cheaper than her previous one and they’re “not woke.”

I don’t want to start sh*t because I’m the administrator and because it’s a small group with a bunch of friends in it, but I’m wondering what could or would “wokeness” possibly have to do with cell phone service?

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I could mean anything. “woke” to these cretins just means “anything leftists do that I disagree with”. Maybe their previous one had minorities in their advertisements.

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Maybe this = = = > Conservative Texas phone company fueling extremist takeover of schools

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Hilarious, especially since AT&T has always been one of the worst cell phone companies for funding right-wing politicians and causes.

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Yeah, those “not woke” cell phones operate with two tin cans and some string.

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LOL @Dig_Dug. Good one!!

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But only if they are painted pink and blue, because otherwise it would be gay.

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