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Sorry, this OP should be in Meta.

Some of us can’t post any questions at the desktop site, but we can at

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Ok thanks @Brian1946 I will flag for you.

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“This has been a test of the National Broadcasting System…”

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At the sound of the tone, the time will be 13:14

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@Forever_Free I was trying to explain to my teenager that we used to call a phone number to know what the time was. She was so confused. Hahahahaha

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^^ A phone number told you what time it was?

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I think it was something like 555-TIME (8463). This was when one didn’t need an area code for local calls.

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@Brian1946 my time phone number was 421_1111 in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

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@Brian1946 I’m glad I have the time on my phone always, makes it so much easier.

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Here the number was POP-CORN (767–2676).

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The US Navy Time clock is still available at 202–762-1401

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There was a time, my dear @Dig_Dug, that we didn’t have the technology to carry small computers in our purses or pockets. There were phone numbers for everything!

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