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Do you like it rough?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 2 months ago

You know, sandpaper. What do you think I was talking about?

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Choke me, daddy.

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I like my sex coarse.
60 grit.

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Depends on the application. Will use very fine when creating some art. You have far better control that way.

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To quote George Takei, “Oh my!”

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I have complete faith in the purity and chastity of my women friends, you gals are beyond reproach. I am old-fashioned and chivalrous and I try hard to be a gentleman. I just wanted to be sure that you’re being a good girl in this Q. So on to other things. ; )

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Reminds me of the bondage scene in the Mel Brooks movie High Anxiety.
“Too much bondage and not enough discipline!”

HA! So funny!

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There’s a time and place for everything.

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I tend to prefer smooth sandpaper. And yes, I am talking about sandpaper. I remember fine sandpaper having a really nice texture.

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To borrow a quote from Lady Gaga, if it’s not rough it isn’t fun.

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Rough is fine – But once you’ve done a tongue and groove you’ll never go back.

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@JLoon I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! ; )

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@NoMore – Oh you like the spark & sting stuff?

Noted ;p

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I thought I’d get this party started! hehe
@bob_ God, I LOVE that song, of ”coarse” I love all Lady Gaga’s stuff!

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@ragingloli I don’t know German, but the title told me all I had to know.

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Oh please, not sandpaper, a specially chosen chrome oxide polishing compound works best for Jade, or anyone really.

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@flutherother Is that what Jade told you? ;)

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Getting deep in here today.

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Well it is Friday Eve! :D

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@Dig_Dug Yes, but not in words.

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more like the roughness of a cats tongue. Yeah, like that.

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