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Is there a place where you can buy a plastic cap for a bottle?

Asked by LostInParadise (31283points) 2 months ago

Years ago Gillette sold soap and shampoo in plastic containers with hooks that you could use to attach them upside down to a shower caddy. I bought two bottles and have been refilling them. It was really convenient, but I have lost the caps for the bottles. Is there some place that sells plastic caps that you can snap open or closed to allow a liquid to pour through? Are there standard sizes?

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I don’t know about the specific bottles you are talking about, but there are definitely stock sizes for caps. I re-use bottles for all sorts of things, and have found a lot of tops to be interchangeable.
Maybe check Amazon.

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Amazon has a 3 cap package. The brand name is VersoCap. It’s 17.95 . To be used on shampoo, lotion and hand soap to get every drop out.

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Thanks, CandidMajor and Chyna. I placed an order. The price is somewhat outrageous, but in the long run the convenience makes it worthwhile. I will have to be careful not to lose the caps again.

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Or you can buy bottles of products for the caps and get the product included for free in the purchase.

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The problem is that the product caps are screwed on. I needed something that could just be squeezed over the container, which is what I got from Amazon.

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