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Why does every website want to give me cookies?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 2 months ago

Why can’t I just surf without accepting stuff from all over the place? Doesn’t Google track us enough already?

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Pretty much all websites use cookies, it generally makes your web browsing experience easier, especially if you go back to the website. They used to do it automatically and it was no big deal, but the EU passed a law requiring all websites to ask if you want to accept cookies or not. It was a real pain in the ass for small business website developers.

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Have you not heard that if a website is free, you are the merchandise?

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Seems like I’m getting so many more lately like every time I go anywhere even when I’ve been there already :(

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@Dig_Dug Probably because you hit “no” when it asks to give you cookies. If you click “no” it will ask again when you revisit. It’s a pain in the ass. FWIW I almost always accept them as it makes the website work easier.

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You deserve a cookie, in all fairness they’re not all used to track you. Some cookies are needed to keep your browser sync’d with the website you’re using.

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Oh so that’s why sometimes they don’t work right.

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Like with drugs, with cookies just say no.

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Have you recently added a VPN or started using DuckDuckGo or added an Ad Blocker to your computer??? If so, they block cookies & the sites will ask every time you enter their site. You can accept cookies & delete them whenever you choose…or you can set up your browser to delete cookies on exit, so they are deleted every time you close down your browser or computer. Problem I found with that is that my bank’s cookies are deleted as well & I have to take more time whenever I go into my checking account to prove that I am me.

I agree that we are being tracked too much, but I don’t know how to stop it!!! The convenience is great in one respect, but intrusive in another. At this point, most apps have a way to turn off options that you fine offensive & I often tend to do that. I can bet that option will be disappearing in the not too distant future as corporations become more powerful!!!

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@LadyMarissa Yeah I’ve been using the duck go thing.

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The problem with cookies is that other websites can read all of them. That allows them to get info on your browsing activities. So FB will know what I am shopping for on Amazon, etc.

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