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What does the word edit mean in YouTube?

Asked by yaujj48 (1088points) 2 months ago

I saw those videos with the title edit, I don’t know what it mean, is it sort of some kind of mix of music and quotes?

And when do I call the video edit?

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Can you post a few links so people can see what you mean?

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It means it is altered from its original.

Audio editing is the process of manipulating audio to alter length, speed, and volume or to create additional versions such as loops. Audio editing is almost always done using a computer and audio editing software but used to be done with analogue tape and razor blades by splicing and taping in a pre-digital world.

Back in the day, I could cut and splice like magician. Todays tools are challenging and kewl.

I use Ableton Live and Logic Prod during music composition and final release now.

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An edit is usually some sort of fandom video. People will take their favorite movies, TV, celebrities, cars, etc. and put it to music, or put in quotes and sound effects. They can be funny, or cute, or sexy.

Don’t judge.

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I think it is to make their video more fancy.

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When a video is edited it is usually shortened (some of it was taken out to make the run time shorter) but it can also mean that some other video was added to enhance, modify or change it in some way.

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