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What happens if you're test driving a car (new or used lot) and you get into a collision?

Asked by Acrylic (3334points) 2 months ago

Who would be responsible? Would your insurance cover if it’s your fault, or is that the risk a dealer takes in letting you test drive their car?

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KE = mv^2

Oh, you mean money and insurance.

Whoever caused the accident is at fault. And the various insurance companies go from there, depending on the coverage. The seller will have pretty thorough insurance, which may tend to apply, though the fault will tend to be with one of the drivers, so they and/or their insurance may likely end up paying.

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The owner of the car is generally liable and as such, the dealer’s insurance is most likely to have the primary liability.

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owner of the vehicle’s insurance. If you get sighted with a violation as part of this accident then the dealerships insurance may come after you.
@Zaku There are many locations that are no-fault. It also varies on the accident. Even if you get rear-ended, your insurance company pays out, not the other parties. You just don’t get any demerits’.

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I’m trying to remember if, the last time I took a car for a test drive at a dealer, if they asked to see my insurance card.

I know that the times I was given a loaner car from the dealer, when my car was in for repairs, I had to show proof that I had insurance before I could take the loaner car for the day.

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@jca2 I just did test driving at a dealer’s and all they asked for was my license.

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If there were personal injury to another person involved, you as the driver as well as the dealer would probably be named in a suit.

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The dealer has insurance.

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