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Why are some video's so small on my screen?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 2 months ago

They don’t fill in the whole screen on my phone. Even when I try to expand them.

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You can try holding the phone on its side. From portrait to landscape mode.

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I find sometime when tryin to switch to landscape, if the video is already maximized, it may not always detect the movement from the accelerometer. Not sure if this is a ‘my phone’ problem. Minimize the video, then re-enlarge with it already on it’s side. That works for me.

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Disclaimer…My only experience is with an Android. Have you changed any settings recently??? That usually messes me up big time!!! If no…I usually do the same as @Entropy by going into landscape, minimize & then maximize which often fixes the problem. Yes, it’s a pain but better than nothing!!!You might want to do a search on your phone for “video” & see what settings you have available & what might need adjusting. I don’t take a lot of pics & I seldom if ever make a video, so my problem is mostly on youtube. If your situation is, I’m out of ideas!!!

Oops…just remembered another thing. In settings, go under “Accessibility”, then “visibility enhancements”. I think there is a “screen zoom” where you’ll find a “slide” to adjust the size of your screen. It’s been a while since I’ve had to use that, but it won’t hurt to look. Every time I have an update, my phone goes crazy & I start looking for fixes. OK…now I’m officially out of ideas so I hope it helps!!! Off to bed…niterzzz

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It seems to do it on older videos they don’t fit my phone screen quit right. I know how to zoom in & out but if I do that then they get distorted and look weird. I thought maybe the framing or something when it was first made a long time ago had something to do with it but I don’t know for sure if that is even a thing?

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@Dig_Dug Sometimes an update will mess up my phone. Did you have any updates recently?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Not that I know of. It only happens to some videos not all of them, thank goodness. :)

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They were taken with a potato phone.

Hint: Save the video and then go to you camera roll and view it. You are welcome.

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^^ Cool I’ll try that :)

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Maybe you’re looking at some weird foreign video. Or your settings are messed up.

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