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Is there a website that can find song information by "listening" to it?

Asked by bkburbo (251points) September 22nd, 2008

I’m looking for the title/artist of a song. Is there a site/program that will let the user “sing” the melody to it?

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You can either hum the song to, or if you have an iPhone you can record it with both work remarkably well.

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Jesse: That’s so cool!

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you can tap the rhythm on your spacebar with this:

it isn’t perfect, but it has helped me before

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Zar: Yay! More types of awesome!

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Maybe this would be easier: I’m looking for an indy-type song that is all-instrumental, with a high-reverb, catchy piano hook/chorus that I heard during the NBC coverage of the Tour de France this year. Sounds a bit like Arcade Fire. Chords are something like: Am F C G. This is ridiculous, but I need to find this song so… Melody is e e e | c-d c-d c-d c-d | e e e | c-d c-d c-d c-d | (hard to do here… but the “e e e” is over Am, “c-d c-d c-d c-d” over F, “e e e” over C, and “c-d“s etc over the G.) Thanks!

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If you could record yourself humming it, you could upload it and spread the link to peeps here on Fluther. We’d do our best to help you out.

I’m no musician, so I pulled out Garage Band to play the notes you gave. I don’t think I played it right, though.

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Well I had a quick look at the chords/melody you layed out, and I hate to tell you this but that narrows it down to… well, pretty much every indie song. ever. Sounds kind of familiar but if you could give us a tempo or other ‘clues’ it would make it a lot easier. I’m assuming you’ve checked all the songs by Arcade Fire and it isn’t one of them..?

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@Vannick: But it’s an instrumental song, so that narrows it down a bit right?

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true, but is it a notably slow/fast song? What kind of style was it? (aside from instrumental). When during the tour was it played? And as shadling said a short recording of what you remember would be very helpful. P.s. It’s ‘yannick’ :)

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Yes, jessehattabaugh is right. Midomi

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Bah, I’ve been looking for a song for quite a while now, it was play in the background of a documentary I watched. Sadly I’ve yet to find a solution, and as helpful as what others have linked to I’ve yet to find an answer :(

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Have you guys considered that If/since the song was instrumental,it might have been composed especially for its respective show or whatever, therefore making it almost impossible to find…

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I’m almost positive this is a song I’ve heard before, on the radio, etc.

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Update: I finally found this song! It’s called “Life in Technicolor” by Coldplay. I am so relieved.

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