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What is the most that you won on the lottery? Or gambling?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23831points) 2 months ago

For me 5 years ago I won $50 on a $20 ticket. I don’t buy lotto usually any more.

On a video Lotto terminal I won $25 on $0.75. I have never won any larger.

At the horses on the 90’s I won $8 on a $2 bet.

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Does the stock Markey count for gambling? If not, like $20.00 on a scratcher.

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@Acrylic Yes. Feel free to include the stock market wins.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Sure. I’m not 100% sure how much, financial advisor does all of that, but it’s safe to say over $20.00 so far. Not this year it seems, $20.00 ahead, but overall, sure.

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$10,000. But after tax I only got $6,000.

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A few years ago, my wife won $15,000 on a slot machine.
Last year she won $12,000.

My former neighbor recently won $2,000,000 on a scratcher.
They recently bought property in Oroville, which tells me they are trying to make it grow.

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The only lottery gambling I’ve ever done was buying lottery tickets. I’ve bought only less than a dozen lottery tickets in my life. Never won a dime. In fact I never got more than 2 numbers correct. I don’t like the odds.

The odds are much better investing in the stock market where I did dollar cost averaging. My investments have made it well into the 7 figures range over the last 32 years. Through all the stock market crashes, bubbles bopping and bear markets (good buying opportunities) I stayed the course and won big.

Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home kids. There are no guarantees in stock market investing.

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I was in Las Vegas once for a conference and decided to give the blackjack tables a try. I’d played for play money before, so I sort of knew how it went. I sat down with $100 of mad money.

After 2 hours or so, I was up $160 and had had three free drinks. Why didn’t I leave then? Well, who would? In another hour I’d lost my stake and all my gains.

But I did have those free drinks. And the entertainment of it.

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Was that from a lottery, gambling, or both?

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After I got divorced, I drove the kids from our home in Ohio to Napa California so they could spend the summer with their mom. On the way back I was getting tired and found myself pulling into Reno NV. I had never been in a casino before so I thought getting out of the car and walking a bit might help wake me up. I figured I had $40 I could lose so I decided to play slots. I ended up on the $1 slots. I started noticing that the machine I was on would pay out about every 3rd or 4th spin. I started putting in 2 or 3 dollars on these rolls. I won a few and lost a few and when I had $13 left of the original $40, I put in $2 and gave it a spin. I suddenly had bells going off, lights flashing, and nothing coming out. Never having been in a casino before I was a bit confused. The woman in charge of the machines asked me what I had and I told her. She said I won over $1500. I asked where it was. She laughed and said with amounts like that they have to fill out tax forms for it. Eventually the manager came out and had me fill out a form and walked off, leaving me there with bells and lights drawing a lot of attention. A few minutes later she came back, turned off the bells and lights and started counting out $100 bills into my hand. I won $1620. My trip was paid for.

The post script to this was hours later, just before leaving NV, I stopped at a truck stop for breakfast. While I ate, I played video poker on the machine at the table and one another $50. Breakfast and gas paid for.

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@Brian1946 Lotto scratch off ticket.

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My cousin won 90 million.

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My biggest win was £140 on the lottery. I bought my young daughter a pair of shoes and I still remember the look of delight on her face. I also won £10.00 on a horse called Red Clubs at Royal Ascot in 2005.

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We wanted to get married but had no money and lived in a rental (we were young)- so I prayed that God would show us a way. A week later my husband won $30k on. $2 Scratcher.
My husband wins everything, his luck is astonishing.

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My personal best has been $30 on a Powerball ticket. Thank God it was tax FREE!!!

My S-I-L won $4K with a Powerball ticket. She didn’t volunteer her net take home.

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including the Stock market puts it in 6 figures somewhere.

Otherwise, 35 cents.

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@Dutchess_III You have probably said before, but I don’t remember. Was that a scratch off or a lottery ticket that your cousin won with?

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