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Some guys trying to get with my girlfriend what do I do to make sure she keeps her eyes on me? :(

Asked by jimmy1014 (23points) September 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

this guy is trying to persue this girl I worked really hard to get I want her to stay in love with me..

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Does he have more money than you? If he does, you should probably prepare yourself to find love with another girl.

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It is not about other guys that you need to worry about. In fact there will always be others.

What is more important is the girl ,, does the girl really likes you in the first place ? Have you totally win the girls heart ? If yes that your hard effort is not enough and you need to do more like surprises romantic gestures and concentrate on winning her heart.

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we just started dating like a month ago n we’ve been best friends for almost three years. I don’t really know much about this guy but I don’t wanna tell her she can’t talk to him cause I’m not controlling..n I love this girl n I don’t want any other..

@predator: any suggestions?

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Treat her like she wants to be treated. Make her feel special. Listen to her when she’s talking. Basically, let her know how you feel about her, so she won’t want anyone else.

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how old are you?

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yeah today I was kinda acting a little pissed at her n she asked what’s wrong n I said nothing because I don’t want her to know it’s affecting me..I don’t wanna be one of those crazy paranoid boyfriends..I just really love her..
@cheebdragon: 17

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Predator is right…there will always be others. Concentrate only on yourself and your girl. You can’t make her stay, but you have to trust her.

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@windex that was weird LOL

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I know you probably won’t believe me, but there is nothing you can do to prevent her from falling in love with someone else. I wouldn’t stress too much over it, because it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyways. I don’t mean this in a rude way, I’m just saying the odds of it working out at such a young age are not that great.

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yeAh I understand it’s just that I fought so hard for this girl..I was in love with her for three years until I finAlly nutted up n told her how I felt..n now that I got her she’s the one thing i’m afraid of losing..

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that’s how life goes. It’s shitty I know, but it is all a part of life….

Sorry kiddo.

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Take it with a pinch of salt or more but its parts and parcel of growing up ..

***Bow to Augustin ..

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If you Truly Love her, you’d want her to be Happy, even if it means being with another guy
Start hitting on that guy and tell him you and your gf want a 3some, but mostly you
Become friends with that guy so you can keep a close eye on him
Tell him if you ever catch him talking to your gf that he’ll regret it
Hold her hand and rub her as soon as you see him looking
Give her your football jacket, & have her wear it in school
If they share any classes, have flowers delivered there
Start making out with your gf as soon as you see him
Tell your friends (girls) to hook him up with someone
You can’t force someone to love you, just give up
Surprise dinner plans (during his time w/her)
Ask the guy nicely and in a mature way
Talk to her and discuss this matter
Have your friends keep him busy
You’re just paranoid, he’s gay
Tell the guy to back OFF
Control your woman
Be nice to her
Give up

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You could always subtly bring up the issue of the other guy with her, or mention him and see what she says about him, to get a better idea of where you stand…

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If she really loves you then she won’t be going anywhere. You can’t fall in love with someone else unless you’re out of love with the person you’re currently with. Just be yourself, that is the best that anyone can do. If she’ll go to someone else that easily, then why would you want her?

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Good point Tantigirl but at some points arent we all humans.

Humans tend to go with the best choice that they can have and by the looks of it who can blame them ?

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Put your woman FIRST,

To make your relationship LAST.

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From what you are saying, Jimmy, your girl has not done anything. You need to keep telling yourself that. Ignore the idea of the other guy.

You cannot ever control another person’s behavior or how they feel. You can only control your own.

By obsessing about this other guy and behaving angrily toward your girl who admittedly has done nothing then you will cause the result you don’t want. You will drive her away.

If you love her, show her. All the suggestions here have been good. Be interested in what she is interested in. Plan fun times together (who enjoys hanging out with someone who is brooding).

Think of yourself as having a huge advantage over this other guy. You have known her and loved her and observed her for more than three years. Use that intel.

You know her likes and dislikes. Think of what she has talked to you about always wanting to do. Help her achieve a goal or dream.Take her somewhere she would find really special.

As others have said, instead of thinking obsessively about losing her, think about making and keeping her happy. If you do, it is unlikely she will even look at another guy.

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How about trusting her?

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I have four letters for you


learn it, love it, live it

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urban dictionary. look it up.

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