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How many regular members has this site had over the years?

Asked by NoMore (2948points) 2 months ago

I’m bored at
work and trying to get my mind off of the tragedy. Was surfing some old questions and I’m blown away by all of the users this site used to have.

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Where did everyone go?

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According to Ben, there were 33,904 members on 3/22/10.

If that wasn’t the peak population, I’m sure the the number is close to 34K.

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Mind boggling.

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If by “regular members” you mean people that actually used the site for more than just spamming, probably a more accurate assessment would be people who had achieved at least 100 lurve, of which, according to the Awards page, there have been near 4,500.

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@canidmajor That’s a great way to calculate what is a “regular member.”

When Ben counted members in 2010, those weren’t necessarily people who stayed.

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Actually, another great question would be what would you consider a “regular member.”

100 Lurve? 500 Lurve? 1k Lurve? 5k Lurve?

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I’ve ad 4 or 5 accounts on this site but I’m only one person.

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I can think of 3 or more members that had three or more accounts

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“Where did everyone go?”

I’m still online friends with dozens of former members. They just moved on from Q&A sites and mainly use FB or Instagram to connect with others while being busy in their own lives.

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You’d have loved the diversity of thought and many of our ‘debates’ were intellectually stimulating. I miss those days and conversations a lot.

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Trick question.
None of us is Regular.

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Regular as in “normal”?

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Regular members as in members that have been here from the beginning? I have no idea because I don’t even know how long fluther has been here. I started last July 2022

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@RayaHope the first question on Fluther is the one by Ben about salt in 2006 or 2007. I joined as TallJasperMan at 2009.

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@RayaHope Regular as in several visits a week at least, opposed to every four or five months if that.

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@NoMore I used to be regular but school and stuff has gotten me bogged down. But it’s spring break right now, YAY!

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@RayaHope Well then take your shoes off and set a spell ; )

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@NoMore Sure, I have new socks on. lol

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Cool, so relax and Fluther on into sleepy time. @RayaHope

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There’s not too much happening today right now. I can’t even think of anything to ask. I am getting a little sleepy because I’ve been studying a lot to get caught up on my school work. I fell so far behind they started to talk about putting back and I didn’t want that again.

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Go get ‘em Raya I have have confidence in ya. Don’t let the old boy down : )

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Going by the awards for points seems like a great yardstick to me. I would say the minimum for “regular” status ought to be more like 1000 lurve. That would be the Starfish award, with 1464 members.

Bearing in mind that they would not have all been active at the same time, I’d put down half that, or 732, as probably the max at one time. That’s not so huge.

Currently we’re around 100 active regular members.

Also recall that some number would have come and gone before we had the awards. So it’s still all guesswotrk and approximation.

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