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What is with all the mud slinging by the royalty?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46396points) 2 months ago

Latest has it Camillia will strip Kate of her crown on coronation day. We never saw anything like this under Queen Elizabeth.

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That will hurt.
Hope she won’t twist the pliers too much.

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Who cares. A bunch of pompous self important people are meaningless in what they do.
It’s the end of the “British Empire”. Things get scrappy as they fade into nothingness.

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The media likes to make something out of nothing so that people read their articles and watch their videos.

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Why would Camilla do such a thing? Doesn’t ring true to me. Sounds like a rag story like the National Enquirer.

If you brought up the Harry and Meghan situation, that to me is a bit much and they and the media have capitalized on it.

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I had to google and look at several sites to see what this was referring to. I found one video that said Camilla is not letting Kate wear a certain tiara she wanted to wear. She’s not taking anything away from her and she’s not taking a title from her.

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I like the one where Prince William is begging the King to allow his mistress to go to the coronation.

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Sounds like the basis for a good soap opera.

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It’s nothing new, they’ve been throwing shade at each other over petty bullshit for several decades now.

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Guess I never noticed.

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Elizabeth II was a class act, the current crop of Royals are slime bags. That said, just let it be. Our own country is no shining example to the world, so lets not be calling the kettle black. I’d rather deal with obnoxious Royals than deal with politicians who worship their guns and refuse to take any action to end school shootings. And other politicians who talk a big show but quake in their boots any time the other party yells, Boo! And someone above called this the End of the British Empire. It’s more likely the end of the “Anglosphere” trying to control the world. And that applies to America as well as Britain.

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Wow. Damn @NoMore! Nice!

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Elizabeth had some serious issues with Diana but you didn’t read all about it in the news every day.

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Agreed. But she had the couth and class to at least play it down and try to keep it on the QT. But the paparazzi are ever alert .

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It is the only way that these pompous, powerless clowns can stay relevant in the minds of their “subjects”. Sad vestiges of an ere, whose glory has long since faded.

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