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Any experience with "rolfing?"?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) September 22nd, 2008

Rolfing is a form of body work/soft tissue manipulation, that claims to free locked up muscles by manipulating/massaging deep tissues. I’ve heard it hurts like hell but am intrigued. Anyone done this? Does it work? Is it safe?

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Not personally. But a LONG time family friend (he’s in his late 60’s now) has had this done for about 30yrs. He swears by it. He has a bad back.

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I don’t know much about rolfing, but ROFLing would give you an excellent workout.

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@shadling——I’m getting a workout now! Thx!

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You had me really worried there kfingerman. Where I come from, rolfing means throwing up!!!

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I thought you said rofling, I have…

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