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Have you ever ignore your partner in YM or others?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 22nd, 2008

Put invisible status on your YM or any other Chat programs.

If so for how long…

P/s not the same girl yeahh

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ohhhhhhhhh….I was thinking about something Totally Different!!!...

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Yeah I’ve done it. I didn’t avoid him for long and I only did it because I was mad at him. I changed it back because I figured if he wanted to talk to me that was a good thing. My invisibility lasted about 10 minutes.

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Ohhhh man ten minutes are hardly count…. ;-)

What were you thinking Windex…

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Ha, I wanted to talk to him. I was just mad at him. Besides, he probably knew I was there anyway. Our tiffs never lasted long. We were both stubborn, but we both really liked each other. We couldn’t stay mad at the other for very long. I think the longest I ever ignored him for was about a day.

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@PredatorGanazX I feel you are desperately searching for some way to believe there is a good explanation for your partner’s actions. There isn’t.

In healthy relationships people don’t do this, except maybe a momentary tiff as Allie suggests.

Take care.

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@PredatorGanazX: At first glance it looked like “Have you ignored your partner’s Y” or “Have you Ignored your partner’s M” ...

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I second Marina’s sentiments. I couldn’t have said it better.

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Thumbs Up Marina wisely said indeed.

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