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What is the most horrific movie ?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 22nd, 2008

The most horrific movie that you guys watch ...

Share it out…

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27 Dresses

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Recently… I would say “Wanted” with angelina… lame story and bad action.

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I’d have to say Supernova, and I’d also have to mention that this is the only movie I have ever seen, where the alternate ending on the DVD (which I have) is more horrific than the ending that was shown in the theatrical release.

Had I been the director, the alternate ending would have been the one theatergoers would have seen.

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Well there’s truly horrific and then there’s boring old torture porn…

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Kinda of old but “Night of the living Dead” works for me.

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the mist

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Hellraiser 2!

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Battle Royale.

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RUSHMORE, this movie was so bad I was the only one in the theater to watch it, yes I was the only dope to buy a ticket lol, and the only reason I stayed to watch it was because I could say I was the only one in the theater to watch a movie.

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@Les Battle Royale was awesomes. Did you ever read the book? Its so much better IMO but the best rendition is the manga series.

I am a bit confused about this question though, horrific as in horror? or horrific as in horrible?

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I can watch brutal movies all day long and love them. The first time my stomach literally churned was when I was watching the extremely creepy movie Eraserhead. It’s worth seeing if you like that kind of thing.

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@uber: No I never read the book, although I have heard things about it. I don’t know that I could, though. That movie damaged me, I think. ;-)

I don’t know if this thread is “horror” or ‘terrible’ now, either. If predator meant “terrible’, then I’m going to have to say Soul Plane was pretty horrific.

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Saw, anyone?

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Always think Saw is kinda of lame and a very predictable story line.

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Yeah? But some parts were pretty gruesome, don’t you think? I might be a little more sensitive now because my SO won’t watch horror flicks with me, (wimp)so it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any. I netflixed the Saw movies, and watched them when he wasn’t around.

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Anyone going to see Quarantine? Looks like it could be up there…

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no one here like the mist?! Wow…

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The mist ? What mist ? ;-)

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The Mist – 2007 – directed by Frank Darabont

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Guh. The concept for The Mist was cool, but the execution was terrible. Annoying characters who make monumentally stupid decisions + fake-looking CGI bug monsters (though the giant tentacle monster at the end was cool and very Lovecraftian) does not a good movie make. Plus, the concept has been done so much better (The Twilight Zone did it several times, and Hitchchock had several movies based on the “we are our own worst enemy” idea).

Also – I second Eraserhead. That movie creeped me the hell out without any gore or shocks to speak of.

And, as I said in a recent similar thread, 28 Days Later is one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

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the sense of uncertainty and the elements of surprise in 28 days .. I couldn’t agree more.

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I don’t know if I’d call it horrific but one movie that is graphic, exploitative, and depraved is the unrated version of the movie “Caligula”.

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Ohhh i see the one in the roman empire .. but I do find the story line is in a way weak. Just being a bit blunt there.

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Hard Candy if you’re a man.

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Here, have a couple reviews I wrote of movies that have been discussed here:

The Mist (2007)

After a brutal thunderstorm pounds a small town, the residents discover a malevolent mist hangs over their homes, killing anyone who remains outside. Trapped in a grocery store, a band of survivors must make a stand against the deadly fog. Based on a story by horror maestro Stephen King and directed by multiple Oscar nominee Frank Darabont, this spine chiller stars Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden and Andre Braugher.

Oh, wow. All the summaries I’ve read of this movie made me think Storm of the Century meets The Fog. I had a definite ‘Been there, done that’ attitude toward it, so despite some squeeing about it from my friends, my hopes were not really very high.

I wound up loving it.

I had a moment of doubt the first time something came out of the mist, because Stephen King’s monsters and aliens and what-have-you are always scarier when they’re either human or can’t be seen. Once I see them, I tend to be like, “Really? Are you kidding me? That’s going to make me laugh, not scream.” But then other things started coming out of the mist, too, and you could never be sure what the next freaky creature to attack would be.

Aside from that, there were (as I expected, being a regular King reader/watcher) great characters, ranging from those I loved to those I loved to hate. And the acting was great, as well, which is not always something that can be counted on in SK adaptations. I loved the sound design, the creature design, and even the ending, which was not the same as the story. (Though it was very much inspired by the story. But I didn’t remember that until I listened to the director’s commentary.)

All in all, this was an extremely pleasant surprise. It’s now on my DVD wish list and I’d actually recommend it even to people who aren’t typically horror fans.

[Rating: ****]

Caligula (1980)

Malcolm McDowell portrays the infamous emperor who wielded godlike power over ancient Rome while at the same time sleeping with his sister (Teresa Ann Savoy). Helen Mirren, Peter O’Toole and John Gielgud co-star in this film produced by Penthouse Magazine editor Bob Guccione and written by Gore Vidal. Warning: This unrated edition contains explicit sex, nudity and violence as well as disturbing imagery.

Well. They did warn me. But I have a strong stomach and a talent for turning off my mental/emotional sensitivities when I really want to. However, I still only managed to watch the first half an hour of this film before deciding that it was the most tastelessly pornographic thing I’d ever set eyes on. I fast forwarded through the last two hours because I’m a victim of Train Wreck Syndrome and needed to make sure I wasn’t missing anything really interesting.

I think my issue was that… the stuff I was seeing was historically accurate, according to things I’ve read. So, like… seeing a guy’s cock tied off with bootlaces so he can’t piss and then being made to drink wine until he’s about to explode and then being run through with a sword so the wine runs more freely from him than blood…? It was somehow more disturbing than if I thought it just came out of someone’s twisted imagination.

[Rating: *]

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The only great horror movie that disturbed me a lot, you know- one that deserves it’s reputation and isn’t a cheap shock just to make audiences go- “wow, that’s cool,” is: Wes Craven’s immortal The Last House on the Left.

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