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Do you recognize an illegal alien just by looking at them?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) September 22nd, 2008

or you just think that they might be or not illegals here?

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[squints at you]
Nope. Can’t tell.

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squints? LOL, what does that mean?

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I am Really Sorry but that is a REALLY stupid question.

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thanks for your opinion windex.

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no problem.

Please note that YOU are NOT stupid, it is the Question

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The antennae. Or the green skin.

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Only if they’re wearing a shirt that says “I’m an illegal alien.”

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I can’t tell, I never assume anything about anyone. The only way I’d know if anyone was an illegal alien would be if the person told me.

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Yes, if you ever see a six-eyed 237 pound green tentacled flatulent dude sucking blood from your mother’s neck I think your pretty safe labeling it illegal and alien, unless of course your mother is a consenting adult or you happen to fit that description yourself.

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Nope. You might think you can, but you’d be wrong.

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Illegal doesn’t have a certain look…hence the massive overflow of illegal aliens.

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Considering just in my family we have a mix of illegal aliens, legal residents, and citizens and we all share similar genes and could be said to “look alike” I’m going answer with a big no, cuz umm….DUH? (sorry I never get to say duh, and just really wanted to say it)

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I have seen plenty of people that look and act like a wide variety of illegal aliens, but they are actually American Born Citizens! So I would say that it really is hard to tell.

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You would be amazed at how many Caucasian Canadians are in the USA illegally.

I read an estimate once (can’t remember exactly where) that one of every 29 persons in the USA illegally, is a Canadian.

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I can tell. They all have the same look of perpetual sadness in their eyes.

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Just the green ones with the big black eyes getting off of the silvery cigar shaped space ships.

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Thanks noon! Someone had to say it, and you beat me to it! GA!

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what does an illegal alien look like?

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@jca – Answering a question with a question. Very wise.

I very much agree with Windex. Stupid question.

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Ask them if they are an illegal alien. “Are you an illegal alien?” might work.

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At random moments, yell “Immigration!” or “INS!”.......who ever runs away, is probably an illegal alien…

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