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Would you rather talk about personal things with strangers or friends or family?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) April 6th, 2023

Or only with professionals and do they have to be the same sex as you or would you prefer the opposite sex?

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Fluther is my family. Other than Fluther I only feel comfortable talking with my mom and professionals.

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I heard a saying that a paitent will reveal more to a bartender than his doctor.

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If I must, family (kid or wife) though I’d really prefer zipping the lip and dealing with whatever myself. Never a psychiatrist as they’re too expensive and my issues are none of their business, though if I must female, please, obviously. Don’t really have friends, so out by default.

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Depends on what I want to talk about. There is always an audience for something. I talk about my unreasonable relatives with my friends or Fluther, not my family. And I don’t talk about a problematic behavior of a friend to my group of friends.

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When I had a therapist, I found a female. I find them easier to talk to. More compassionate, less judgmental.

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Strangers if we.connect

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All of them.

Loudly and in public.

Because I can’t afford professionals or remember which sex is supposed to be the opposite.

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Whoever, whenever, wherever. I’m chatty.

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Neither, but I sometimes do here on fluther. Rarely.
I like to analyze myself to be honest. When I was younger I looked up how women ended up who didnt have a father in the home and it saved my life.

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@KNOWITALL ” how women ended up who didnt have a father in the home and it saved my life.” Do you care to elaborate? If NOT how it saved your live, then how did the women end up?

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That’s kind of a personal question. :)

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@Dig_Dug Sure, it affects a lot of women.

Women without fathers in the home tend to seek male approval through earlier sexual activity. When that fails, they can continue that pattern their entire lives.
They may have more unplanned pregnancies, leading to financial insecurity and of course, lower education. They are also more prone to drugs, alcohol, etc…

It saved my life because when I read that, my entire thought process changed to ‘oh hell no!’ And I took the opposite path.
I’m very independent , childfree and drink on occasions but not daily. Basically I refused to be a statistic or allow my idiot father to destroy my future.

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I don’t talk about myself much. After many years, I recently had to close my professional practice because of a vision impairment. My dozens of clients were shocked by the news, because I’d never said anything about my condition. I guess I just don’t think I’m all that interesting, plus I don’t enjoy complaining.

Get me going about sports and current events, however, and the conversation gets animated.

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@Forever_Free That is why I framed my question the way I did. She didn’t have to answer for herself (or at all)
@KNOWITALL I asked because I grew up with an abusive father and only a few years ago has been (mostly) out of my life.

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@Dig_Dug I see, that may be another aspect to read up on yourself. I know children of abuse can end up abusers. I wish you all the best in breaking those cycles.

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