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Are all big boned people 'fat' or larger? Can they ever be really thin?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3166points) September 23rd, 2008

Just trying to prove something against my friend, wondering if big boned people can ever be thin, or are all of them bigger than others and unable to help it because of their bones? And for big boned people, if they exercise, can they achieve their goal of being skinny?

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Affirmative they can be thin as well. I remember reading an article which provides pictures the guy is from China and have big bones but considered slim and thin with 49kg of weight.

Ohh the guy is 34 years old though i cant recall at which link I read the article from.

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A big boned woman might never look like Angelina Jolie, but she can be an appropriate weight to her body type. Skinny is a relative term. I feel skinny when I fit into an 8; I have hips and ass, and even if I weighed 90 pounds, I’d still never look like a fashion model.

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Some people will never be thin, and some people will. There is no right or wrong answer.

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The food sold in America is fortified with obesity enhancers because the obese are less prone to crime. We live in a civilized obese country. Big-Boned people who eat food lacking the obesity enhancers will remain slim, but will have a high local crime rate.

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Crime rate and obesity is there a study being conducted on that ?

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@psyla: Please provide a link to that information.

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People who are predisposed to weight gain can most definitely have a healthy physique. Obesity is not the only option.

@psyla: what?

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Think about it… many fat people have you seen on surveillance videos, trying to rob anyone? It’s the same reason your not going to see that many fat rookie cops…

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So what exactly is an obesity enhancer? A magic chemical that makes people fat? Or is it just food with lots of fat and sugar in it?

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Not many has big bones, they have dense bones which makes their weight go up.

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So here I am chiming in on this question with a giant chocolate chip cookie as my avatar.

Yeah, I’m “big boned”...that’s the ticket.

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What does “big boned” mean, anyway? Why do you think that you are “big boned”? This used to be a euphemism for being fat.

I don’t think very many people truly qualify as big boned, which is to say they have larger than average skeletal structure. Should they, however, they would not necessarily be fat, but would be proportionately larger than someone with a small skeleton. They could be proportionately thin, but that would be unhealthy.

@psyla wtf?

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“Big boned”?!? Are you talking about having a large frame? Being tall? Big feet? There is no such condition as “big boned” except for some rather severe metabolic disorders.

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Big boned people can be thin, but I think they actually look better with a little meat on their bones. We are all not meant to be stick thin. We should eat healthy, excercise and take care of our bodies to the best of our abilities. Whatever size you are after doing all of this is the size you should be. Beauty is not only found in size two jeans.

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My mom & sis are small boned & small framed

(yes, people there are classifications for your bones. When you see the height/weight chart the 5’0 person could weigh between 105—small boned—to 115—large boned)

I, however, have a small frame and large bones. Not only will I not ‘look’ thin (@tiny-exactly!), eventhough I weigh the same or less than they do.

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Use your wrist as an indicator. I wear a watch band two holes larger than my sis and mom. My sister has wider hips; we all have hour-glassed shapes. We all used to be the same height and approximate weight. My mother has shrunk 3”. I have more meat on me than I used to but still wear the same sized-jeans. My wrists were always big. (Glove sizes are another clue. As are hat sizes.)

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Like Syz, I think very few people are actually big-boned.
More often than not, I think it’s used to describe a large frame:
Broad shoulders, wide hips, large hands, large feet, etc.
And, of course, as a euphemism for being overweight.

Psyla: Reference, please.

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Some populations, such as Hawaiians & Germans are prone to be big-boned. I agree with the wrist assessment method of bone size. The FDA is trying to illegalize vitamins but they only review food additives when there is a public outcry that usually follows scientific discovery that some of the man-made chemicals that we eat are toxic, such as what happened with MSG (causes brain damage) & tansfats (tears up your arterys). Humans did not evolve to eat chemicals for food, but it does make us morbidly obese & lowers the crime rate, so let’s illegalize healthy things like vitamins instead.

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A diet I was on (after having the angel in amy avatar) based all proportions & ideal weight on frame size. They (the docs) use foot measurements as their bone size assessment.

I had bee assessed by my ped as large boned…he did the wrist and elbow measurements which are typically done.

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I think the vast majority of people actually have no idea how big their bones are, plenty of fat people have small bones, and there’s not that much connection between bones and being fat.

My mom gave me a bracelet for my tenth birthday. She guessed wrong on the size, and we soon found out that my wrists were bigger than hers—on the boniest part! You know that place, where if you stick your fingers on either side of your wrist you can feel your bones? Yeah, my wrists were bigger than hers all around, but especially right there. AND I WAS TEN YEARS OLD!

So I would estimate that I have some pretty darn big bones, but looking at me you couldn’t call me anything other than “thin”.

I drink a lot of milk, but I don’t know if that’s related.

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Humans did not evolve to drink cow milk, cow milk is perfect nutrition – for a cow. I am participating in the morbid obesity epidemic by doing my share & eating double portions of everything, yet I am unsuccessful in becoming obese. All I could accomplish is a mild case of belly fat. There is a study from England saying that each citizen breaks the law at least once or twice every day. Since I accomplished my fattened belly, I am down to one infraction of, usually speeding, once every other day. So my efforts towards obesity have brought me closer to being a model citizen.

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WTF are you talking about psyla? Are you on crack?

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I think they snorted a little too much trans fat.

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@ la…thanks I’m new so I didn’t want to start things up
come from a dairy family

& Just like you, as a child I already couldn’t wear ‘tiny’ clothes or jewelry my sis or mom could wear…ankle bracelets were a thing then…just not 4 me!

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My mom always said I was big boned because my wrists are really big, I guess. The average-sized bracelets are too small for me. It’s a hard life, lemme tell you.

@la.. that made me laugh, it’s the same thing I was wondering.

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mzgator said what I wanted to say.

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I’m little bone and people say that i’m little….I don’t know about big bone folks though? You big boned? You know, I think I once had a friend who was had big bones. But she was pretty thin. So I do believe that it is possible to be both thin and have big bones. Ask sally. She’s thin and have big bones. I haven’t seen her for about 20 years now though. I wonder if she’s still alive? Heck! Of course she’s still alive. I mean, look at me. I’m still alive. She should be too. She can survive anything I can survive.
Your friend,
Thinny Bone.

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I am “big boned” (bracelets and anklets were always a problem for me, too). At 5’8” I have weighed 114 lbs to 220 lbs. At 114 lbs (not purposeful, health related) I was skeletal. At a “normal” weight for my height of 131 lbs, people accused me of having anorexia. At 220 lbs (currently, dangit) I don’t look “fat”, but am clearly overweight. I think I look best at about 150 lbs. Long story a little shorter…a big boned person can be thin, but it doesn’t really look right.

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isnt that bubbly auguslan

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I, for one, will never be fat, though I try so hard to gain weight. You have no idea how much I eat every single day to look normal. If I eat like a normal person, I look anorectic. And NO; It’s not just about metabolism. It’s an actual body structure (or somethin’ like that) problem.

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@kirstenpowell Have you ever had your thyroid checked? I was underweight for many years, and it turned out I had hyperthyroidsim, which can lead to some lethal consequences (thyroid storm). Welcome to Fluther, by the way!

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