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Who besides me will sorely miss Netflix's DVD service?

Asked by Jeruba (55921points) April 18th, 2023

Netflix announced today (4/18/2023) that they are shutting down the DVD side of their business after 25 years. I was an early adopter and have been a happy subscriber for nearly that whole time.

Now they’re ending the operation in September, with thousands of DVDs—especially old movies—going out of circulation. I’m very sad about it.

Are you affected by this? And did you see it coming?

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I dropped that service about 15 years ago.
I was an early DVD ripper and spent my service offering with NetFlix and Blockbuster to make copies for my own library (shhh). Many are on Blue-ray format.
I have +1000 movies in my own collection. AMC Top 100, Academy Award winners, my own fav’s, etc

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Me. I will. Sometimes I can find the odd Indy at the library, but this is a sad thing. I wonder if they will be selling their inventory?

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I was an early subscriber to the service & I dropped out early on as well. Once streaming became a thing, I found that a lot more convenient. I prefer old movies to this newer crap that’s coming out now days. I can stream many of those for free on Amazon, so I dropped my Netflix streaming about a year ago. All they seemed to offer was their Netflix Originals & I found those boring. When I started paying attention, I discovered that I was going months at a time without ever logging on & still paying their premium fee. Roku offered me another more interesting channel that cost less so I dropped Netflix & I signed up with them.

Actually, I had not heard that Netflix was stopping their DVD service. It’s been so long since I last used it that I won’t even notice when it’s gone.

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I also gave up the DVD service quite a while ago. I have three streaming channels – Netflix, Amazon and Apple+. I do love old movies and since I still have cable, I can view many of them on the TCM channel. You might look into that. There is also a Criterion streaming service that I believe carries a lot of classic movies and maybe indie ones. And as @canidmajor says, there are a surprising number of new and older movies at the library.

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I think it’s sad, though I admit I haven’t been using it.

Netflix has gotten worse and worse about the variety they stream, and their UI.

However, their original content is great.

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I dropped the DVD subscription circa 2007. It was wonderful while it lasted. I like old movies and almost every title I could dream of was available.

The library has become my DVD source. For streaming I use Amazon, with occasional rentals from Apple and Google.

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I had no idea that they had been still delivering DVD’s. Thought they shut that down years ago

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I haven’t watched any DVD’s in a long time. I have a DVD player but it’s not plugged in.

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So, @Jeruba, I guess only you and me.

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I often forgot they still even had it. You don’t hear about it anymore really. No I won’t miss it, but I do still miss the traditional movie rental stores.

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We’ve had it for years. Get movies not available on Netflix streaming or Amazon Prime. Looks like our movie $ will go to another streaming service.

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