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What's a good gift for a fourteen year old boy?

Asked by Fieryspoon (1058points) September 23rd, 2008

My only cousin’s birthday is pretty soon, and I’d like to get him something he’d like. He’s into soccer, he has an xbox360, he’s very intelligent, and due to unfortunate circumstance he’s had to grow up a little bit faster than he should have. He lives in Australia, and I haven’t seen him in about three years.

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I have an obscure suggestion. He might enjoy receiving a pair of cool-looking compact sports binoculars. Consider that.

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I highly doubt a 14 year old boy, is going to use binoculars for anything other than looking in the neighbors windows…....

Why don’t you ask him what he wants? That way he gets what he actually wants.

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Binocs are not a bad idea at all. They are great for seeing birds close up, watching sporting events or general sight-seeing.

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A 14-year-old girl is what I would want, if I was a 14-year-old boy.

Upon reflection, and knowing what I now know, a 19-year-old-girl would be much better.

But get the kid a gift certificate at WalMart, so he can pick out his own gift(s).

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No WalMart in Australia, Jack!

If he doesn’t have his own soccer ball, organise for a relative to get him one or a gift voucher for Rebel Sport or one of those stores.

A new xbox game?

A book. If he’s intelligent he likes reading, right? Try Artemis Fowl, or The Spook Series, or something like those. edit :: come to think of it, if he’s smart for his age, he’s probably already read those, or they’re too young. How about the Arthur series? Or something by Bryce Courtenay… or Terry Pratchett! If you can find out what he reads, that could be helpful.

Or DVDs are always good, and CDs, or a voucher to “JB-HiFi”:, or an iTunes gift card.

Or movie ticket vouchers to Village Cinemas or Hoyt’s.

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if he is into soccer, a pair of nike total 90 soccer shoes :)

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Sorry, link didn’t work. Here is JB-HiFi

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A good pocket knife. There is no one on this earth who couldn’t benefit from a good pocket knife. Or multi-tool. But at his age, I’d stick to pocket knife. The type with an led flashlight, pen, scissors, blade, screwdriver and maybe toothpick or nail file.

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If someone can tell you the type of video games he likes or one he is wanting, but does not have, you could go for that, but it is easy to go wrong. Perhaps shrubbery can tell you what retail outlets in Australia sell video games, and you could get him a gift certificate for that.

Here’s a really out-on-limb suggestion. What about a trip to where you are so he can spend time with you? That would be an invaluable gift with perhaps lifelong implications for him.

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Is he into photography?

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FIFA09? or PES09

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