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Should it still be illegal for women to go topless?(NSFW?)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19109points) April 21st, 2023

In America.
Is it really that big of a deal?
Given what some women already wear, and the fact that it isn’t illegal for men?

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It should not be illegal. Women should be allowed to show their breasts if they want to. I think the shock value would wear off quickly and then it would just be normal.

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In public, yes.

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It’s not illegal in some cities, like New York City.

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I think there’s a time and place for that. I don’t want to see anyone, man or woman, topless at a restaurant. At the beach, in your yard, have at it.

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That it is illegal.
Tops off, ladies!

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It might as well be legal for women to go topless.
Women are already parading around basically naked in minuscule bikinis.

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I’d say it should be up to regional votes.

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Some topless women are very beautiful! Others, NOT ! Just because women have breasts doesn’t mean the whole world has to see ALL of them, generally speaking.
So there would have to be some limitations, IMO.

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@kritiper Some guys have ugly faces, should they be required to wear a mask to spare everyone the horror of observing anatomy that’s less than perfection? Nipples are just anatomy, Most of us probably spent months getting our nourishment exclusively from nipples.The double-standard for men and women’s nipples is ridiculous.

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Why so some creepy incel can stalk us or worse? Hard pass, gentlemen, we go through enough fully-dressed.

PS My concern is for women, I could care less otherwise.

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I have nothing against women going topless, except for examples that will cause problems. There are already a bunch of women trying to bash men for even daring to look at them in a gym. There are women that put a phone in their back pocket to make videos of guys looking at their butts. Making it totally legal would just add to this sort of thing.

Another question would be: how about the perverts out there? What would happen if someone took pictures of the bare breasted woman and put it all over the internet? What if some mental case decided the woman was inviting him rather than just exercising her rights? Just like with the unisex bathroom thing, there would always be pervs that would show how ill prepared we are as a society to go for these things.

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Well the solution to that problem is the Burqa. Because it’s crazy to think we can enforce laws against creeps and should instead force women to be so anonymous that creeps won’t know who to creep on…

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Just free the damn nipple already.

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Clothes should be optional always. And I’m not being glib. People should be allowed to wear (or not wear) what they want. It may be in poor taste but it shouldn’t be illegal.

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@gorillapaws That thinking goes against so much of the soft-on-crime going on in the cities these days

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Wulf. @gorillapaws has a very valid point.
I agree.
Body parts that men are attracted to, are not just what a swimsuit covers.
Here in Charleston, the old houses downtown have two staircases. One is for females. Thr other fir males. Why? So that back in the day, men couldn’t gawk at women’s ankles…

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Additionally. Females are attracted to men’s chests. Mot all. I know. But same with guys and their taste in boobs…No pun intended…

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@seawulf575 I’m sorry, you think there’s anyone on the left who doesn’t want to see men assaulting women not going to jail? I think the “soft on crime” that you’re referring to is not locking people up for things like drug possession and making plenty of room for pedophiles, stalkers, and other creeps who hurt others.

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^That’s the idea. As far as I’m aware. With so many Americans in different stages of the penal system, it says more about our laws than our people…

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@Acrylic . Thank you for your contribution. I know that you are religious. I definitely respect that. Could you please elaborate, on why you think it should be illegal?
Is it religious beliefs?

I studied advanced art in high-school, and art history in college for several years. Many “religious” paintings portray nudity. With all respect. I’m quite curious about this seeming contradiction in Christianity.
Admittedly. I’m quite ignorant about theism…
Your angle would greatly contribute to this thread.

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@MrGrimm888 Please don’t refer to human women as “females”. It’s demeaning and sounds like you are referring to stock animals.
Cue all the men who “don’t mind be8ng called males”, yeah, it’s not pervasive.
Cue the women who don’t mind, both of you are in the serious minority.

I agree with @Caravanfan, clothing should be optional. It’s just creepy that people evaluate each others’ bodies in as simple a context as, for example, mowing the lawn or hanging out. Private businesses, fine. Restaurants that want everyone covered, or stores or whatever, fine. But just being out and about? Geez, don’t look at it if you don’t like it, and don’t be a creeper if you do.

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@canidmajor .
Please refrain from contributing to threads about serious topics, if you are offended by scientific terminology.

Taking place in a simple debate is voluntary. Participation, isn’t mandatory.

By the way. If you bother to look at the details.
The question is not intended as misogynistic. But as an example of the way people view human sexuality…

The question also has a disclaimer of NSFW. Further reason for someone not to participate if they are incapable of debating about adult content/topics.

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@gorillapaws Breasts are more than just nipples. And many, many men like any kind of breast, no matter how unattractive they might be when on the loose.

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@MrGrimm888 Oh, what a load of bullshit. You are referring to women, which is the correct scientific terminology for human females.

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^I’m afraid I don’t get dragged into warrantless confrontation.

Again. Please refrain from entering a discussion that offends you.

I respect your opinion. Your opinion has been stated, and is noted.
Do you have anything relevant to contribute?

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The problem with treating topless women as criminals is that everyone wants to tamper with the evidence.

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I was just thinking about our summer where I live. Every summer, I hear women complaining that they can’t go shirtless, like guys can.
I think it was just made legal in some places in Florida. I know many cruise ships have the highest deck as topless.
It’s certainly not a problem in some other countries.

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^Probably because men don’t get away with rape in other countries and seem to respect their women, unlike the US.

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So. All men in America are rapists, who don’t respect females?...

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I don’t want to get caught up in the drama. But I will say that I myself am way too modest to go topless. And I’m probably one of those people that nobody really wants to see that anyway. But talking about when it’s really hot and humid, which it is by the way where I live, I wouldn’t want to go topless because even at night, when I’m tempted to sleep topless, I find that I get too sweaty under my breasts, (sorry if I’m grossing anybody out here), but if I at least wear a sleeveless undershirt, I don’t have that problem. Also, I’m really sensitive to sunlight, being fair skinned, so it wouldn’t be good for me to go topless regardless.

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I live near Lake Ontario and there are several beaches along the shoreline. Decades back some women said it was not fair that men could go topless and women couldn’t. So after very little discussion the law was changed. Our little town is now as classy as Mondorf-les-Bains or the French Riviera – except that real estate is cheap and the weather sucks.
I have never seen any women topless.

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@MrGrimm888 I know you are protectivve of women so not sure why you are dismissing legit concerns by the few women who have posted here.
I’d love to legalize it if it did not put more women in jeopardy.

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Attractiveness to men is more about shape and often clothing makes a woman’s shape more appealing. It hides flaws, accentuates or enhances that attractive shape. To be honest, full frontal nudity is not anymore attractive than a nice fitting bikini.

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It has been brought to my attention that this thread, and my thoughtless/reckless opinions have hurt some important jellies.
In my head, it should not have been taken that way. However. That is the case.

I’d like to make a detailed declarative statement, about the existence of gender relations, oppression, subjugation, and other things. But. I feel any attempt to do so would further derail what was intended to be a lighthearted debate into something else.
Further more.
I would like to ask someone to have the Mods delete this thread in it’s entirety, plus whatever lurve I personally gained, in this endeavor.

Peace and love.

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No, I didn’t say all men are rapists. Not at all.
But when you have a politician in Texas saying that if a woman gets pregnant because of a rape, she wasn’t raped and enjoyed it. Because women can’t get pregnant unless they enjoy the sex.
And how about the judge that let the college guy off for raping another student because she shouldn’t have been drunk and let’s not ruin his life.
Imagine the advantage some would take over a topless woman and say, she was topless, so she wanted it.
I don’t think that happens in Europe.

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