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Why do you think Fox has fired Tucker Carlson?

Asked by ragingloli (51634points) April 24th, 2023

Other than him costing them 700 million.
Was it part of the settlement with the Dominion?

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Maybe their lawyers advised them they could use his firing in an attempt to shift blame/penalties away from the corporation?

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Tucker dared to question the validity of the claims. That is not allowed at that level of entertainment news.

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I’m so happy to hear he’s gone, even though I know he will likely pop up somewhere else.

I think Fox probably wanted to be able to say they took action to get rid of hosts who intentionally lie. Although, more than Carlson was caught red handed doing it, so maybe not.

Maybe he received a great offer from one of the other right wing propaganda machines.

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They have said (Fox) that he will not have a farewell show, that 4/21/23 was his last.
I think it could’ve been in the agreement with Dominion since Carlson was the most outspoken, yet he privately knew he was spreading falsehoods. He stands for nothing, has no self respect and should never be on news stations again.

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I just saw a headline that he seemed to not know that Friday was his last show, because he ended the show indicating he would be back Monday.

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Maybe they didn’t like his natural evil scowl.

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Think about it. Fox grossed $1.2 billion in 2022. They paid out $787 million in the lawsuit…not counting paying their lawyers. They recoup maybe $200K in tax write offs. Their income for 2022 dropped to only a half million. They can’t afford to pay him anymore & I’m sure his EGO made him swear that he didn’t “need” to change anything because his fans love him. PLUS…Fox most likely sold him out in order to get Dominion down to the $787 million figure. On top of that they still have the Smartmatic lawsuit coming up that may well follow the path of Dominion. If it does, they could easily be in the red for 2022 in the near future. On top of that, they haven’t reported several lawsuits by shareholders for getting into this mess as it is, but they are out there.

We have a wise old sage in my town who has been telling anyone who would listen that this was coming & most called him crazy. He’s right more often than he’s wrong, so I often listen to him even when I totally disagree with him.

Today is a GREAT day!!! :-}

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I’m not cheering. Until now, he was relatively contained within the Fox bubble. Now he could turn up anywhere. Maybe we’ll see a regime in exile. Maybe he’ll run for president.

Meanwhile, this will somehow be blamed on Democrats and the Biden administration, giving a lot of Fox followers further excuse for misbehavior.

Also it sounds like a trick. Wait for the other shoe.

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It seems he was fired by the ultimate boss of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch shut down one of the highest selling English language newspapers in 2011 due to bad publicity in a court case so his drastic action shouldn’t come as a surprise. The News of the World concentrated in particular on celebrity scoops, gossip and populist news. Sales averaged 2,812,005 copies per week in October 2010.

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He is now a temporarily inconvenient successful hate-monger for Fox?

Fox might bring him back eventually. This could be just a farce.

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A friend of mine just told me he moved to one of the islands in the Tampa area not long ago. I wasn’t aware of that. Ugh, all of the Republicans are bringing their vote here. Maybe he will be working on Trumps campaign. Or, maybe he will do radio. Look how much Limbaugh and Alex Jones made/make doing that right wing crazy talk radio. Has anyone replaced Limbaugh?

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Wonder what will happened to the tapes of Jan. 6 that Kevin McCarthy gave to Tucker? Over 40,000 hours of video.

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I suspect the newer leadership at Fox is turning more left leaning. They wanted to get rid of the Conservative viewpoint so they can become more like CNN or MSNBC. I’m not saying that is a good business decision, but it is what makes sense. Carlson was THE top “news” figure in cable “news”. He had huge ratings. Many of the people that tuned in to watch Carlson will likely move on from Fox now.

As @Jeruba said, he is no longer on Fox. He could end up in any number of locations. Cable and the Internet are big places. And wherever he lands, he will bring his adherents.

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Or he will slide into obscurity like good old Bill Oh really. Remember him?

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This is speculation, but my gut tells me this is about mitigating damage from the Dominion lawsuit. Perhaps this was stipulated as a condition of the settlement. Perhaps his continued employment despite the evidence that he knew he was lying to his audience would have increased penalties. Ultimately it’s just a guess, but the timing does seem noteworthy.

As others have said, I do suspect he’ll find somewhere new to spew his misinformation to fools too dumb to understand they’re being lied to.

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According to this Carlson has lived south of Tampa in Florida’s Gasparilla Island since 2020. In my fluttering around today, I’ve seen that in several other places as well, so I’m guessing that it’s true. I was also told today that he asked to be fired so he can run for President in 2024 as a Populist so as to NOT tear apart the Republican party. If he doesn’t win, he can go back to Fox & take back up where he left off. I don’t know that’s true either, but Fox did say it was a “mutual agreement”.

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@ragingloli I remember Bill. He’s back on the air. But the situations were entirely different. Bill was released due to sexual harassment charges. Tucker was released because…?

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^Rumor mill has it that he was fired because he reported widespread voter fraud on his show but the emails and texts from him to others that were subpoenaed showed that he knew he was not reporting the truth.

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I heard this morning there ate sexual harassment accusations against Carlson.

@LadyMarissa Oh, so probably in time for the 2020 vote. A Republican jelly once said that her talk radio was telling Republicans to move to Florida. I believe it! Social media was full of Republicans moving from California to Texas and Illinois to Florida.

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@JLeslie I heard that too, but by all accounts they are baseless claims. And from what I understand, the claim didn’t come out until after he was gone from Fox. With Bill O’Reilly, it wasn’t just a claim that got him gone, it was a lost lawsuit. There was no such thing with Carlson.

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@chyna That very well may be the rumor mill, but all of that would have been settled with the case against Dominion.

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I really hope it wasn’t because of a claim of sexual harassment. I think there have been too many claims of harassment in which the defendant is let go from their job without the accusation being proven.
@wulfie I also heard his contract was up and it was time for renegotiation. Maybe that’s what they were waiting for. But…grain of salt. Too much speculation and not enough details yet.

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The sexual harassment and anti-Semitism was claimed by one of the Producers at Fox, Abby Grossberg. The article about it came out yesterday, so obviously the alleged harrassment occured before then.

Cut and pasted from the NY Times:

“The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, also names Fox Corporation, Fox News, some network executives and several of Mr. Carlson’s producers as defendants.

In a statement on Monday, one of Ms. Grossberg’s attorneys, Tanvir Rahman, said that Mr. Carlson’s departure from Fox News “is, in part, an admission of the systemic lying, bullying and conspiracy mongering claimed by our client.”

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@jca2 Yeah, I’ve heard of the Abby Grossberg case. She claims Carlson sexually harassed her and made anti-Semitic comments to her, bullied her. But when confronted with the fact she has never actually met the man face to face, she started claiming he was working through e-mail to get others to sexually harass her. ??? Sorry, not a credible claim. She couldn’t actually point to an e-mail where he sexually harassed her, couldn’t actually point to an e-mail where he asked others to harass her….she’s a nut-job.

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