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Does anyone know of an economical way to ship a car and trunk load of belongings from the west coast to Ohio?

Asked by RBIGRIG (1points) September 23rd, 2008

I am going to be leaving a job in San Fran around Dec 08. Would rather not drive thru the mountains and snow,Will be relocating to Ohio.

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There used to be an agency in the bay area that coupled cars which needed to be driven somewhere with riders/drivers that had to reach the same destination. Can’t recall the name of the agency, but if you did a bit of googlng you may be able to fnd it.

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Join the military on the west coast and get stationed in Ohio. They’ll pay for it. Then when you get back from the middle east your stuff will be waiting for you.

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The train is supposed to be fairly affordable. Or you could pay someone to drive it.

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