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How are pugs as pets?

Asked by imagine401 (56points) November 13th, 2006
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They're VERY sweet
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Do they shed?
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I've never had one, but my friend in college did, and I've always wanted one.
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I know, thinking of adopting one...
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I don't know if they shed or not, sorry. :-\
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That's ok! I was mostly wondering about their temperment, haven't really known any
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Very very sweet dogs, they always seem very anxious to please.
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And have a hard time breathing.
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haha yes they are always panting
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i know that a lot of people really like them. they are pretty smart and interactive for little dogs. there is the whole breathing difficiulty though
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They do shed, but since they're usually a short-haired dog, it's not quite so bad. There would be shedding, though.
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take note: they snore.
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Thanks for all the info!
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They are very wild. They are extremely sweet, but they get riled up very easily.
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I think I'm adopting a little cockapoo instead!
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Thanks for the input
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They are super friendly and nice, but you do have to beware of congenital problems as a result of all the inbreeding to make purebreds. Dental problems, bizarrely overlarge tongues, and easily scratched eyes are all problems I've seen. A pug-something else mix might be a good idea too.
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And they can shed a lot. And can be very needy. But the one's I've known have excellently sweet temperaments.
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I own two pugs. They are so loyal and loving! They follow me around my home, sit at my feet in the kitchen, and even watch out the window for me to come home! They do shed. I own a black and a fawn and the fawn shed more than the black. Some dogs can have nasal issues, but this isn’t really a large problem. If you don’t want a “heavy breather”, pick out a puppy that doesn’t breathe as loud. Thats what we did and she doesn’t breathe louder than any other dog.

Puppys will have energy for the first 2 years and then calm down tremendously! Once they get older, they are a very relaxed and cuddly dog.

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