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What are some things that you scroll over online? (Details Inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24650points) April 27th, 2023

From Amazon, to online job searches, to dating sites?

Humor welcome.

For example I scroll over accounting careers. I remember my dad screaming and swearing at the calculator. I did not want any of that in my life.

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Political ads, they’re all the same. “Vote for me because here’s all the reason the other guy is a scumbag.”

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Fluther answers that are pages long.

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Questions about the 2024 elections.

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By ‘scrolling over’ I’m guessing you mean bypass them as opposed to checking them out? Jeeez, almost everything.

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@smudges even Fluther? ~

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I scroll over 95% of the content on pages I view.

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I don’t watch the news. Still, I like to have an idea of what’s going on. So, I go to various news sites & read the headlines & choose which one that I’m going to read because I want to know more. As I go through my day, I hear people say weird things about what happened & others saying the exact opposite. Then there are the late night comedians who comment on current events. That’s when I look for specifics so I know what I think. I scroll over a LOT of crap to get to what interests me!!!

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@Mimishu1995 Oh gosh no! I read almost everything on fluther. I just meant complete articles, although I do read headlines and follow up if interested, but I’m usually not. Usually it’s pardon me garbage, like Jerry Springer passing away. I don’t really care what he died from or that he’s gone. He was a person who made his fame by exploiting very ugly stories and encouraging fighting, hatred, etc.

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