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Which fiction books would you recommend in which the MC dismantles the Deep State?

Asked by luigirovatti (2722points) 1 month ago

Brick by brick. Only thing I ask is this must involve traditional intelligence agencies (like NSA, CIA, etc.) and happen not in a book but be the whole point of the saga. It can even involve a non-existent elite military department, though it’s not required.

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Since the Deep State is a fiction of the right wing, I don’t know if you’ll find such a book.

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Make believe is make believe !

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What’s “the MC”?

I have some fantasies about this (well, about my notion of a “deep state” – the corporatocracy and its string-pullers), but they tend to involve space aliens and/or wizards conspiring with humans to give them means they need to overpower the powers that be, etc.

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@Zaku: main character.

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There is no “Deep State”. It’s a fictional cop out favored by a certain political mindset of the Alex Jones variety.

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