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Trump found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation. He has been fined $5 million. Does it matter?

Asked by filmfann (51949points) May 9th, 2023

Will his losing $5 million hurt him?
Will the judgement that he sexually abused a woman hurt his reputation?
Will the judgement that he slandered the woman matter?

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Well, let’s just say it ought to matter.

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It should matter, but now the excuses will start!!!

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It should, but he and 90% of his followers will just scream “witch hunt! witch hunt”, and ignore it.
The remaining 10 percent will say that the victim was “asking for it”.

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Probably doesn’t matter. Like old Bill, these guys do what they always fo, get a little fine and move on.

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It’ll matter for the victim (I hope).

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Trump lovers will still worship him. They’ll say it’s a witch hunt and it’s all due to NY politics and he can’t get a fair trial in NYC (which is also what his attorney is saying).

Trump lovers will send him more money than ever now. Even though he doesn’t need the money, he’ll cry and moan and they’ll respond by sending bucks.

So will it matter? It matters to the victim who was looking to have her name cleared. It matters to people who don’t like Trump, who are happy with the majority of the verdict.

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Anybody else remember the 1988 Presidential election where the right went bat shit crazy that Gary Hart had a girlfriend??? The world was coming to an end. He ended up dropping out for the good of the country. Now that they have a candidate who wants to keep a girl twirling on his finger, it’s NO big deal!!!

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It does matter for several reasons. It matters because the American people need to see that justice is being served. For too long this man has gotten away with everything. There are a lot of people who have begun to despair that he will ever have to suffer consequences for what he does. So for that reason alone, yes it is important.

Will he do more grifting to raise the money? No doubt. But I think this is the beginning of the end for him. And although his cult will follow him to hell and back no matter what, I think it’s important for the people who were beginning to be put off by all the indictments, etc. I think this may turn them even more away from him.

It definitely gives the Democrats a good campaigning point, if they use it. It gives me a good response to people supporting him on social media too. Something along the lines of, so you say you’re a Christian but you support a man who was found civilly liable for sexual assault.

Finally, I will ask you a question and response. Would it have mattered if he was found totally innocent? Sure his followers are howling at the moon and saying the jury was bribed and the judge was corrupt, but can you imagine if he was found innocent? Of course it matters.

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@LadyMarissa I do. I was in France, and France was bemused and incredulous that it was possible that news of merely a single mistress could affect an election.

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Fun fact, the current French President married his former school teacher.

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@ragingloli Really? Interesting!!

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Indeed it does. Justice was served properly. The Senate is now backing down on supporting him.
It is helpful in regards to letting people know that lecherous people like him need to be brought to the table for their actions.

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Not to me.

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