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What are some of the bigger drawbacks of big internet speeds?

Asked by ragingloli (52067points) May 9th, 2023

For example:
– Video Games ballooning in size
– forcing always online connectivity for even single player games, and the resulting destruction of games ownership
– online video streaming destroying the video rental industry.
– proliferation of social media and its use as a potent propaganda vector for malicious actors

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This an answer to a small aspect of your question.
My family love movies. I have about 2,500 DVDs. My daughter had a lot, and she gave most of them away because she was now subscribing to several streaming services. She figured she could just stream movies she wanted to watch, and wouldn’t mind paying to watch individual movies. She figured she was buying back her wall space.
Now, some of those movies are no longer available anywhere. Some have been withdrawn with announcements that they would never be available again.
So, I still am able to see similar things. I don’t need to worry cancel culture here.

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Increased contract prices.

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Increased internet addiction. Also there will be more demand for faster internet. As there is never enough. People always want more.

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For me it’s great. I’m an astrophotographer operating a telescope in Chile and I have HUGE downloads. I love being able to download 4gb of data in 3 minutes.

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I’ve got 300 Mbps plus, don’t use 25% of it.

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I recommend watching the 10 minute YouTube video, “The slow poison of an endless fantasy”. After Skool video.

For what might happen or is happening to us from unlimited access to internet.

Sorry that I don’t have a link. As I am on my cellphone.

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I’m happy with what I have. I still remember years ago when I didn’t have the internet but I was looking for a new job. My friend told me I could go over their house and use their computer. (Her and her husband were like second parents to me and we were really close.)

Anyway, it was back when AOL was a lot more prevalent and that’s what they had. I remember I had a book with me and I would read a page or so while waiting for the next web page to load. So you know what? I’m good.

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It creates a need for instant gratification.

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It’s not available to some in rural areas. I’m lucky as I’m off a major interstate.

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The biggest drawback is like 60% or more of you out there on the internet likely have faster service and don’t realize it. Many of you are using outdated equipment that is bottlenecking your speeds.

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My city has two sources of “Giga” speeds a large national service and the city since about 2009.

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