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Why would a mortgage lender make you think you're approved?

Asked by honeybun35 (781points) 4 weeks ago

The lender I was working with didn’t even tell me about my denial letter. The letter was sent out days before he even congratulated me knowing that I was never approved.

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If they didn’t give a written “approval letter” – - YOU WERE NOT APPROVED !

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They did give it to my realtor.

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Our experience was to get approval for a certain amount, then we called a realtor to show us homes in the range we gave her. (Much less than we were approved for.) We haf zero issues.

Your experience sounds very bizarre, because the lender and realtor have every reason to WANT you approved.

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You were not approved if you didn’t receive a written commitment or approval letter. Sometimes these letters have an “if” .......... a condition that must be satisfied prior to going any further in the process.

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