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What do you think about the migrant issue going on at the border, and possibly coming to a town near you?

Asked by jca2 (15733points) May 13th, 2023

What do you think about the migrant issue going on at the border? As you may know, migrants are being bussed to various cities around the country.

Has your area had an influx of migrants, yet?

None have come to my immediate area yet, probably because there’s no public trasnportation and limited services here, as it’s semi-rural. A bit farther south of here, and west of here, busloads have arrived within the past few days or are set to arrive this weekend. Hotels are going to put them up. It was on the news that some people who had blocks of hotel reservations for wedding guests had their reservations canceled at the last minute. Some of the cities north and west of NYC are getting busloads of migrants this weekend, to be put up in hotels.

On the news, they’re showing migrants being put up in schools, police stations and other areas that are not made for housing people, but there’s an overflow of people who need somewhere to sleep. One of the mayors of a city that is receiving migrants said he was told to be happy it’s almost summer vacation, because the kids won’t have to be put into the school systems yet.

I know that these cities have asked for help from the state and federal government.

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I think the whole thing is a dereliction of duty by the federal government.

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It did come to a town near me. They should put up real borders and do a massive sweep, deporting any who came to America illegally. Other countries do the like, like those hikers caught in Iraq early 2000s, not sure why USA doesn’t as much.

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This is one time where I agree with @seawulf575. There is nobody driving this boat. Gov’t is failing here. I don’t blame the people who want to come here for doing it the way they are. There is no major consequence to them except for the journey. It should not be easier to enter and live here illegally than it is to do so through the proper channels. No other country on the scale of the US allows this.

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@Blackwater_Park thanks. But I disagree that it should not be easier to enter and live here illegally than to do it through proper channels. At no other time in our history have we just accepted everyone who showed up. Part of the proper channels is to look at history of the people, what they have in the way of support for themselves, etc. This is to keep riff-raff out of the country. The reason they are coming is because they are afraid if they try entering legally they will get rejected. But the government has set up a situation where there is no downside to entering illegally and there is nothing in place to even really verify those entering illegally or ever having to actually go through the process of becoming legal citizens. The government is effectively inviting anyone and everyone that wants to enter the country to do so at will.

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No influx here yet, SW Mo.
As far as my feeling’s about an infux. We can’t afford it, as a country, times are tough. But of course I’d love to help the number of immigrants we committed to on our yearly limit.

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@seawulf575 I think you missed the point. We have made it way to easy for people just to show up with no consequences.

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@Blackwater_Park My apologies. I read your comment differently. In that case, I agree with you entirely!

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I hate to say it, but I think the quality of life will be compromised as our system is overwhelmed: schools – not enough teachers, too many students in classrooms with the result of teachers quitting their jobs; hospitals – not enough beds or personnel, longer wait times and in some ERs it’s already several hours; housing – higher rents just to pay for upkeep/maintenance. I think it’s a huge mistake to welcome any and all, and how many of them are criminals? My good will only goes so far. I don’t know what the answer is.

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@Acrylic “They should put up real borders and do a massive sweep, deporting any who came to America illegally. Other countries do the like, like those hikers caught in Iraq early 2000s, not sure why USA doesn’t as much.”

I really wish there was a way for people to see what that America really would look like without it having to come to pass just so they’d understand. I can assure you that you’d not want to live there. I don’t think you have a clue how much of our economy is dependent on what is essentially slave wages. If that goes away, you and all of your family and friends aren’t going to afford to buy much of anything.

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I think “the migrant issue going on at the border” is fake news to rile up xenophobic voters.

It is not happening. Immigration at the border is even reduced lately.

No there has been no “influx of migrants” here “lately.”

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@Zaku this is happening today at a city about 40 minutes from me:

There’s no plan for them, according to the Yonkers Mayor. They’re going to a hotel, so they’re going to be needing to be fed. I guess they’re going to give them restaurant food, out of the Yonkers budget. I guess the same with Newburgh.

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@jca2 Ok. Who is busing them all across the country to the Crossroads Motel in Newburgh?

This is the perspective I’m coming from.

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@Zaku Who is paying for the buses? Is that your question? I don’t know. I do know that every day I watch the New York city news and they’re showing busloads of migrants getting off the buses at Port Authority, bused from Texas. New York city has to shelter them and they are running out of room. They are putting them in hotels, and now busing them north to Newburgh and Yonkers and were looking to ship them to Rockland County but there was pushback from the County Executives there. I know when I put the news on tonight, they will show the buses being unloaded at the Ramada in Yonkers.

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Immigration has literally never effected me personally other than enabling me to meet some really cool people. And I live in Los Angeles. It’s been in my town since I was born and I haven’t had anything to say about it since then. It never even crosses my mind.

No countries, no borders.

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@tinyfaery Same. I hear a few thing’s on scanber, like a woman and two kids going thru trash bins for food. Requesting Spanish-speaking officer.
It’s sad.

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@jca2 Why does New York City have to shelter them, and why are they being bused from Texas to New York (and yes, by whom)?

The last time I heard about something like that, it was the Republican governor of Florida attempting an insane publicity stunt.

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It began when Texas said they couldn’t shoulder the burden nor should they have to. NYC has taken over 6,000 of them and they’re running out of room.

One of our reporters is in El Paso right now (NBC reporter, so this is regular network news, not any channel like Fox) and he’s interviewing the migrants to see what their plans are. Some told him they want to go to NYC because they heard that in NYC, they will shelter you so you’re not sleeping on the street like in Texas. They also had a reporter at the Ramada in Newburgh and they talked about homeless veterans who are getting kicked out in two weeks to make space for migrants. Again, this is regular network news so not biased and neither conservative nor liberal.

Three schools in Brooklyn are sheltering migrants in their gymnasium, and one police station is sheltering them there. They just opened the Roosevelt Hotel in the city for them, in addition to other hotels that are being used. Over 6,000 migrants have arrived in the city so far.

NYC Mayor Adams wanted to send the migrants to Long Island but those counties said no way.

My father is from Central America so I am not anti-Hispanic nor am I against people coming to this country, but in my area (the southern NY area), this is a crisis. It’s going to be long term that the migrants are going to need shelter, and in the meantime, they need food, clothing, the kids need to go to school, they’re going to need services. Local governments can’t afford it, there was no plan, and the local counties are suing the Federal government for help. It’s not humanitarian putting people in places where there is no plan for them.

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My apologies – above I said there were 6,000 migrants. The news just said it’s 61,000 migrants in NYC, costing approx 1 billion dollars.

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The fact that everywhere these folks go ends up with the same complaint…that they don’t have the resources for all of them…ought to tell you there is a huge problem at the border,.

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