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Your thoughts on the Durham Report?

Asked by seawulf575 (15837points) 3 weeks ago

For 3 years we had to listen to how Donald Trump worked with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Now John Durham has released his report on the investigation into these claims. It shows very clearly that the FBI did not follow law, did not follow their own policies, and tried very diligently to make a case against Trump. Is this insurrection? An attempted coup? Should people go to jail for their behaviors on this investigation?

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I hadn’t heard of it unti lthe other day, when a radio host mentioned it. I have no idea what the report contains, so I am unable to comment on the content. However, my first thought is who is John Durham? Is he conservative? If so, it’s very possible and likely the report is slanted. No different then the way Fox News is slanted, no different from the way some Conservatives will complain that the NY Times is slanted with a liberal slant. No different than when someone posts a link and it’s from a site that has the word “patriot” in the name, I know right off the bat that it is probably going to be slanted in a Conservative direction. So my first thought is, take it from the source. What’s the source? I would have to first look at John Durham.

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@seawulf575 Did you read his report or are you getting your information from the false reporting and distorted reporting on Fox News?

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I just googled it and I see there’s lots of controversy surrounding it. I saw a link that it’s over 300 pages long. I think anybody who is going to discuss it accurately should read the entire 300 pages, not just quote talking points that they see on the internet. Me, personally, I don’t have time to read 300 pages of anything unless it’s a really good book.

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What a waste of money and Durham’s time!

All this for a personal anti-Biden vendetta on Trump’s part. No indictments, no criminality. There was simply nothing to find.

Fox News is not to be believed.

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I’m guessing you haven’t read the report and only read about the report on ultra right wing pro trump media?

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People with political malice didn’t get away with anything.

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Even now I think Trump is too soft on Putin. I don’t trust Trump on anything and I don’t trust him to defend Ukraine from Putin. Trump has no values apart from self-interest. However, the Durham Report wasn’t a report on Trump, it was a report on the FBI investigation and I don’t think there was anything criminal in it. To compare the FBI investigation with an insurrection or an attempted coup is ridiculous.

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Wow. The report is not by a conservative or liberal…it was by a special counsel. I would have thought the report was pretty much common knowledge at this point. Apparently left-wing outlets don’t want to talk about anything that might hurt the Dems or their allies. But to help all of you that want to nay-say the report without actually having even seen it, I will give you this

The entire 316 page report. You can read the executive summary which begins on page 7. I am astounded at the, not only apathy but, vitriol against this report by some of the jellies so far. It tells a tale of the FBI walking all over Constitutional rights to try and target civilians. This is Gestapo-like behavior. And none of you care.

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“This is gestapo- like behavior. And none of you care.” Says the trump supporter who wants to close his eyes and ears to all the illegal things that trump has done. Including starting a resurrection on January 6, so he can steal an office that he he lost. If that isn’t gestapo-like, than nothing is.

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@chyna Here’s a concept for you: you are defending the FBI breaking every law in place to do whatever they like. To you that seems to be a good thing. Here’s another thought for you: One of the things that critics of the J6 claims have maintained is that the FBI likely had operatives in the crowd to help stir them up. Given that they used unverified and unverifiable materials created by a discredited spy at the behest of Trump’s political opponent and that came mainly from a Russian who the FBI already had under investigation as a Russian spy and then withheld evidence and lied to FISA courts all in an effort to discredit Trump, it isn’t beyond the realm of reality to believe they did more illegal things to try framing him up.

But I get it…it’s easier to deflect to “hate Trump” than to actually address the reality of the report.

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@seawulf575 back in the days of J Edgar Hoover, the FBI was pretty much breaking every law in the book as well. That seems to be their modus operandi. However, Hoover’s FBI was celebrated and honored for their law enforcement.

So I see a little hypocrisy here. If the FBI breaks the law and and accuses communists and criminals, it’s OK. But if the FBI breaks the law and investigates Republicans, it’s not OK. Do I have that right?

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@elbanditoroso No, you don’t have that right. The FBI is supposed to be apolitical. They are supposed to uphold the law regardless of who the suspect is. But let me ask: the Durham report expressly identified that when there was a claim of Hillary had proposed a plan to make false allegations of Trump/Russia Collusion and several instances of foreign election influence activities working to support Hillary. The FBI determined not to dig too deep into this. The foreign agent was identified and an effort to start an investigation into this person was started and made it as far as FBI headquarters where several things happened. The request to get a FISA warrant to track this individual sat for months and then it was determined they didn’t want to start an investigation on a presidential candidate. Yet when it came to Trump, they jumped all over it before they had any evidence at all. There was no compunction about this exact same thing. So the question is back to you…do you consider this acceptable or are you the hypocrite as you are trying to paint me? And part 2 of the question is: If you don’t consider this acceptable, why are you so against the Durham report and why are you fighting so hard to defend the bad actors?

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@seawulf575 When you asked what are people’s thoughts on it, and some people say their thoughts are that it’s not important or that it’s not an accurate report, is your sole goal to argue with people who don’t agree with your opinion?

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The FBI has always supposed to be apolitical but we all know that’s not true and never has been. The director is appointed by the president and the president will select someone sympathetic to their viewpoint.
Nor is it true of any federal agency or organisation. Look at the FCC. Or the Supreme Court. Especially the Supreme Court at the moment.

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@jca2 I ask for opinions on the report. What I GOT was a whole lot of claims that I just pulled someone else’s interpretation off an ultra right website or Fox news. I got people not believing it even though, by their own admission, they haven’t seen it, have only heard about it but are opting not to read it. I have gotten claims that the Durham report was created as an Anti-Biden effort by Trump. I even got claims that there was no criminality even though one FBI attorney was tried and convicted. So let me ask you…why should I believe ANY of those opinions?

I also got several people that tried deflecting to J6 and I had a couple that tried doubling down on their own ignorance of the report.

But I did listen to the opinions and I got my answer to the question. Most of the lefty jellies on these pages are okay with Gestapo in our government as long as they feel they are on the “right” side of things. Not a one of the answers here actually had any intelligent thought and only tried deflecting from everything in the report. This is done because that is what is expected of the people. In other words, you are willing to burn down the Republic instead of actually voicing an opinion against Dems or their allies. And the saddest part is I fully expected this response.

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Speaking about Gestapo have you seen STOP the steal and let’s overthrow the Government !

Let’s use the Proud Boys and other “three per-centers”, modern day Nazi Gestapo!.
Hang Mike Pence” and any Democrats they can find !

I know it was BLM storming the Congress and just a love fest for Right Wingers

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Cut and pasted: Definition of the word “opinion”
a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge:

You don’t have to like people’s opinions on a topic, and you don’t have to agree with it, but it is what it is. Opinions are personal, so you have yours and they/we have ours. People may say they don’t care about the topic, and that’s ok, that’s their opinion. See, with opinions, there’s no right or wrong. It’s personal, it’s not necessarily based on fact, you may even think it’s crazy or the person is totally nuts or stupid. That’s ok. People are not giving their opinions for your approval. You asked for their opinion, they gave it, that is all.

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Regardless of the FBI report, it is obvious that Trump likes authoritarians Trump also spoke about decreasing the power of NATO. There may not have been an explicit plan to help the Russians interfere with the presidential election, but the Russians definitely interfered with the U.S. presidential election in favor of Trump.

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^^trump also asked Russia for help during his campaign. If Hillary did that I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI started investigating her as well.

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