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In a hotel suite or studio do you rather have the bed or the living area by the window?

Asked by JLeslie (65081points) May 20th, 2023 from iPhone

Some very nice suites have windows in both rooms. More typically in moderate hotels, the room is long straight in front of you like a bowling alley, and you either walk through the living area to get to the bedroom. Sometimes the bathroom is immediately to your left or right when you walk in, and sometimes between the two rooms on more rare occasions, you first enter the bedroom, and the living room is beyond the bed area. I like the bed first, but I rarely come across it.

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I phrase it differently. I always want the bed furthest from the door. That’s usually, but not always, closest to the door.

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I’d prefer to have the living area by the window.

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I like the bed by the window, with the sitting area near the door.

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Living area near the window is my preference, but as far as things that are important to me in a hotel room, this is very low on that list. My priorities are bedbug free, comfortable and clean bed (you’d be surprised—even in nice places), good water pressure, breakfast/coffee amenities, and then the layout of the room would be distantly behind all of that.

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I like my head by the window, but it is more important to me to have my head towards the West, and if not, the East.
My head in the North or South makes my insomnia much worse.

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The window air conditioner keeps coming on every ten minutes waking me up because I’m sleeping right next to it. Some light comes through the window, although the light isn’t a big deal since it’s so little. The living room is quieter and a more constant temperature without the AC fan in that space.

While in bed the curtains are closed, I’m not looking out. During the day, I open the curtains, but I’m not in that room.

@filmfann That’s Interesting. I would have thought north or west would be best.

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Living area. Whether home or away a favorite activity, if you will, of mine is looking out the window. Watching traffic is fascinating. Live on a one way side street, not much traffic at home, but when out and about the opportunity presents itself and I like taking full advantage of it all.

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I get your point @JLeslie, but I’d prefer my sleeping area to be undisturbed and not to walk through it to get to the lounging area. So my vote is for the bed(s) to be near the window given a long, straight layout.

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I usually am traveling with my daughter now, and I let her pick. Given the choice, sometimes I may choose near the window, if there’s a view, and sometimes I may choose near the bathroom, because it’s easier if I’m eating and going into the bathroom to wash my hands or wipe something down. I definitely need to close the blackout curtains when I go to sleep, because I’m very sensitive to the light coming in and waking me up. At home, my bedroom has a lot of light in the morning but I can go back to sleep if I want. If I’m in a hotel and traveling, I want a good night’s sleep and then wake up at a decent hour so I need darkness.

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Living area by the window, as I like more darkness for sleep.

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