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What are these awards Fluther gives?

Asked by Acrylic (3358points) May 21st, 2023

Where can you see them, what they are and what they mean, please?

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Brian1946's avatar will display your awards.

If you hover your cursor over the award for about a second, you should see its description.

If you click on an award, you’ll go to a page listing all of them.

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I’ve bern here over ten years and I never figured it out. I don’t keep track of it. Maybe if I follow this Q it will make sense to me.

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I got the frizzer award! I was crazy proud of that one.

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I don’t keep score, but it looks like I acutally have a few.

Which means anyone here can win whatever, for anything, anytime.

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I’ve never figured it out either. I only use my phone though. I guess the mobile experience is not as thorough… Probably because the site has limited upkeep and updates…

I can’t get back onto my laptop version, because I forgot my password. One day, I’ll just disappear from the site because I got locked out…

Hopefully I can come in as a new jelly, and beg the Mods for assistance, if that day comes…

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^^Just click forgot password. You won’t get locked out.

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^I hope that works, if it happens… Thanks…

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They’re not important. Just window dressing.

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@Dutchess_III – how do you get a Frizzer award?

Go here to see descriptions of all awards:

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I also have a “Cake in the Frizzer” award, but I can only guess for which question I got it.

However, this one asked by @janets gives me a clue about which one of mine it might be:

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@RocketGuy Ahhh, 2008, the good ole days.

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Can someone finally explain the weird awards in plain English? The powers that be must be over it by now and couldn’t have the nerve to mod you for it. I get that the frizzer thing has something to do with weird puns.

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Most of the upper awards pertain to very old threads.
The secrets of getting them are still tightly kept. They are reachable by all, except a couple you had to be there for at the time.
If you switch from mobile to desktop at the bottom of any page, then go to your own profile, you can see your awards.

The point of the awards is not having them, but the adventures you embark upon in seeking them.
I know some shortcuts to find some of them, but I have to be bribed to tell.

Look in the fridge under the pool.

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