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Where should I look for a cheap (<$400) sofa?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) September 23rd, 2008

I found this awesome sofa at ikea for $329, but it’s near impossible to get, and is never in, so I want to look elsewhere, but sofa’s seem to be a lot more expensive than I had anticipated. I just want it to be comfy, and under $400. So far, all I can think of is Sears, Macy’s, JC Penny, Walmart (cheap sofa’s, but they’re only online, and how can you buy a sofa without seeing it first?), and I dunno. Any ideas?

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Craigslist is good. Assuming you have the time and energy, you can get a pre-owned sofa for less than $400 that someone else already paid the upfront price. I’ve sold, and given away several sofas there.

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Craigslist, Salvation Army (I bought THE MOST AWESOME couch for $10 there), classifieds in the paper, also check out your local Penny Saver or whatever it’s called.

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For used, definitely Craigs list or go to Salvation Army. I got a great 8 piece sectional for $80 that lasted me for years through four different apartments.

If you really like the one at Ikea, just get the item number and go online to order.

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Yeah, I don’t really want a used couch, just so every one knows.

And @fireside, the sofa isn’t on the website.

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If you can go with a futon (convertable) try The Futon Shop:

They have many locations in CA.

Or, you can visit San Jose Furniture in, you guessed right, San Jose:

Too bad you are not in the New York area, otherwise you can visit Bob’s Discount Furnither, they have sofas close to $400.

I will suggest you also visit local small furniture shops instead of the big guys, and see what they have, or what their price is for the same thing you saw. One time I saved $800 by ordering the same furniture from a local dealer instead of Raymour and Flanigan.

Good luck.

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Around a college town…

the CURB…you can save your $$$.

Otherwise, try a local St.Vincent dePaul, Goodwill or other used furniture shop.

You could read the want ads, too. Lots of people are in need of money and ar selling the stuff in their houses b4 they’re foreclosed upon.

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@Spatzie- you aren’t joking about the curb. You can decorate your whole house from what you find on the curb in my college town. Big Lots has very nice Sofas for $300.

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you can get a brand new one from and you don’t have to be a costco member. or you could go into costco if you’re a member – they sell furniture in january and july. i have seen them as low as $299.

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The answers are all good, so far. I get the impression you want to go to a store, however.

Not knowing where you live makes it tough…New York/New Jersey area we have Value City stores…good service after the sale and just about any price point you might like. There are a couple of discount chains—Bob’s is one of the larger ones. I’ve heard good things about Comfyco.

Could be more helpful but in this case, I am regionally bound..

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