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How is coffee decaffeinated?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28431points) May 21st, 2023 from iPhone

What is the process of getting rid of the caffeine in coffee? Thanks.

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I presume someone will tell how the professionals do it. So, I will tell you how I do it!

Caffeine is soluble in hot water – very much like sugar. A typical cup of coffee has 100mg of caffeine. My drip coffee maker makes about 8 cups at a time and has a sneak-a-cup feature. That means there are about 800 mg of caffeine in the pot if I let it all finish draining and mix well.
But I don’t. (of course)
In the morning when I want more caffeine, I will sneak a cup when the machine has been dripping for a minute or two. That first cup has extra caffeine that has washed out. The remaining cups are therefore lower in caffeine. If I want totally decaf after the pot is empty, I pour water over the old grounds and drink that.
Presto! Decaf! And it was free!
I am not picky about flavor. I mostly want the hot water.

You can run the experiment yourself by mixing 1 gram of sugar crystals in with the coffee and tasting it as it drips out. The first cup will be much sweeter than the last.

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There are four ways:

Swiss water process.
Super critical carbon dioxide.
Direct solvent.
Indirect solvent.


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^^Thanks so much jellies! The decaf coffee in the restaurant where my friend and I had breakfast earlier tasted so badly compared to the caffeinated one.

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