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Which legal/medical/police procedural comes close to have every episode of every season having at least 8/10 stars for ratings?

Asked by luigirovatti (2869points) May 21st, 2023

I refer to the ratings available on The closest I know is “Suits”, but it has 9 seasons, and it stops at s06e05 with such classification.

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Does Breaking Bad count as a legal/medical/police procedural?
It was fantastic. It has an overall IMDB rating of 9.5.
One episode had a 10/10! That was the first and only time I have seen such a score.

Warning! Once you start watching, you will be sucked in!
There is a lot going on, and it goes on in so many levels. Everything means something. Their names the colors. the sounds. Oh my…. Don’t get me started.

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I think of procedural as weekly stories that our plot driven with most conflicts resolved within that episode. Some threads may take a few episodes and B-plots occur throughout the season, but mostly one and dome’s. Character progression is usually not the focus and sometimes see little of the main characters’ lives outside of the central premise (police station, hospital).

Of these types of shows, my favorites are some of the Law & Order flavors — SVU and Organized Crime being standouts for me.

They’re sometimes predictable and episode quality (writing/directing) various, but on the whole, I dig them.

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I’d recommend Hill Street Blues (1981–1987).

Here’s a list with other leads:

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House M.D. was a medical/hospital procedural – it lasted about 8 years and went off the air in 2019 or so.

It had a huge fan following and multiple web sites sprang up to critique (and marvel at) the medical accuracy of the show.

MY two cents:

The first 7 years were great.
The final year (8) was lousy except for the very last episode which brought closure to everything.

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You could look here :,mini_series

But in general, the top ratings include -

Breaking Bad
The Wire
The Good Wife
New Amsterdam
The Good Doctor

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@everyone: I like Breaking Bad & The Wire.

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“House” does beat “Suits” for this (very specific) question. Of its 177 episodes, 20 miss the mark. That’s 11.3%. With “Suits”, I counted 25 episodes with lower ratings (out of 134).

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