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What is the most embarrassing moments for different careers?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24052points) May 21st, 2023

Like a Fire station burning down?
Or a police officer robbed of his lunch money?
An engineer for a space probe measuring wrong?
A preist being possessed?
A raw vegan nutritionist caught eating a burger?

Humor welcome.

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Right wing conservative politicians who rant about family values and are against homosexuality being caught in airport restrooms trying to procure a blowjob.

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Around these parts, the sheriff was recently pulled over and arrested on, among other things, driving drunk. Not, say, blowing .08 and barely over the limit drunk, I mean blasted out of your gourg drunk.

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Yes several cases of fire stations burning.

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A pro football player fumbling a pass on critical, potentially game winning play.

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An obese, chain-smoking physician. (Yes, I actually knew someone who fit that description. He and I served on the Board of Directors for a health organization. During meetings, he frequently stepped outside for nicotine fixes.)

A bald barber.

A security guard who gets caught stealing.

A financial advisor bouncing a check.

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Not being able to find a bathroom that’s not in use.

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Some years ago, a freeway ramp was being built as part of a road construction project. When the ramp was right in the middle of construction, the blueprint that detailed the roadway that was to go past a bridge abutment was found to be off by 1/8”. In reality, the error was off by 6’. The road, if completed as per the blueprint, would have hit the abutment straight on.

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On the same construction project, a concrete bridge spanning some parts of an extensive interchange was constructed using a concrete mix that was good for 75 years when the specs for the job called for a concrete mix that was rated for 150 years. The entire concrete company went out of business over the error.

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