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What's the second thing you do every morning?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37534points) May 23rd, 2023

Not the first!

What’s the second thing you do?

I rinse with a bit of mouth wash.

For a bonus, what’s the third thing you do?

I make tea.

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Second thing I do is take my pills. Third thing I do is take a shower.

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2nd thing: Empty the dog

3rd thing: Pour the coffee!!!

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Make breakfast.
Scarf daily pills with breakfast.

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Switch my radio off.

KNOWITALL's avatar

1st-Dogs out.
3rd-Feed cats beating on my window.

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Open front door. 3rd would be potty.

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2nd – make bed
3rd is several things almost at the same time – turn on pc, put in hearing aides, open blinds in living room

Tropical_Willie's avatar

Put on glasses, can’t see without them.
third take meds.

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Take the butter out to soften, then go up and wash my face and brush my teeth.

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Check my Fluther.

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1. make bed
2. Shower & Shave
3. Brush Teeth
4. moisturize
5. get dressed

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2nd – Wash my hands after the 1st thing
3rd – get coffee.

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2nd go to the bathroom.
3rd – take the one pill that I take.

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1: Heardle
2: Numberle
3: Wordle
4: Quordle
5: Octordle

I think variety is important

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I don’t do things in the same order every morning.

Usually, the second would be take my pills or turn on the TV. It could also be pee or look at my phone. Any of those could be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

If my husband is still in bed it might be to try to cuddle up with him, but that rarely works. He wakes up and then gets out of bed.

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How literal an answer do you want? I mean, the first thing I do is grab my phone and shut off the annoying alarm. The second thing is I sit up. And the third thing is that I comb my hair and put it back. All of that before I even get out of bed.

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Then coffee.

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Wash my hands.

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Turn off my white noise machine.

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Put on clothes
Go into the kitchen and pour myself a weak coffee and a bowl of fiber cereal


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^So, you sleep nekked?

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@chyna No, he puts his clothes on over his pajamas so that saves him 5.2 seconds at night.

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2nd is usually: Get dressed.
3rd is usually: greet the cat. If no cat, then make/get coffee.

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@chyna I wear my undies and a tech fabric top. Long sleeves if it’s cold; short sleeves if it’s hot. I put on pants and a shirt so I’m ready to face the day.

I also get dressed if there is a heavy storm or lightning. I am always ready.

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@LuckyGuy On brand. ;)

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You know those pictures they show on TV after a natural disaster that completely wipes out a town? Look carefully. There is always one house still standing – with the lights on.
That would be mine! :-)

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@LuckyGuy I’d also envision a little bubble of untouched garden and trees around your house with whatever perimeter defense you jimmied.

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