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What is the ratio of chicken wings to chicken breasts available in sporting events tailgate BBQ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24158points) May 23rd, 2023

Like the Superbowl?

Where they cook disproportionate in favor of chicken wings vs. chicken breasts?

Remember that the most that a chicken can give is two wings vs. a whole chicken?

Also include sports bars and home BBQing?

Please let us know.

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If you buy whole chickens, should be 2 to 1 favored with wings. If it were my tailgate, would be all breasts and legs, no wings.

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You can make an educated guess, or you can wing it…

An interesting historical note on chicken wings. Until sometime in the 1970s, the chicken processors would ship wings to Asia – mostly Korea and Taiwan – because their need for wings (for meals) far exceeded the locally grown supply.

In the ‘70s, some restaurant (rumor is that it was in Buffalo NY) cooked and spiced their wings (giving us today’s Buffalo wings) and the entire domestic chicken wing craze was started.

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I would imagine that it’s up to whomever is putting on the tailgate.

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The ratio is zero to zero.

Tailgates require beef!

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Some questions really don’t deserve much of an answer.

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Wings by a massive margin.
I know that a close friend of mine takes a whole pig to every Carolina Panthers home game. It’s usually picked from a local farm, killed, and butchered there, then cooked in a pit cooker on a trailer for almost two days, before the game. “Pig pickins,” are a staple in the fall around here. “Wings” are usually what you would find at sports bar.
It’s VERY rare to find chicken breasts at any mass gathering…

I don’t see beef as much, unless it’s in hotdogs… That could be different in Texas….

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