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How much money does unlimited internet, talk and text cost for your phone?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23825points) 2 weeks ago

I have unlimited talk and text with home wifi for $35 for unlimited talk and text, and $80 unlimited access a month for wifi.

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My cell service is 30 dollars a month from Cricket Wireless.

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I have the “over 55 plan” on T-Mobile – I use one line and my daughter uses the other.

Unlimited everything – including taxes and fees – for 2 lines is $70/month.

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I should have added that I have unlimited.

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It’s $25 for me, but that’s with a military discount. I think it’s usually $35. T-Mobile. I get some hotspot time included also.

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$25 with Visible Wireless.

My home internet is another story. My choices there are between getting hit in the face with a bat or with a crowbar. Of course that’s what happens when we allow mergers and acquisitions. We’d be better off with municipal internet, but in my state Republicans and Neoliberal Democrats have gleefully bent over for the Telecom lobby and placed severe restrictions on any municipality’s ability to produce competition in the market.

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It’s seperate for me.
Unlimited talk/text/internet $44 per month.

The wifi is built into the AT&T bill with streaming, my husband cell and whatever he adds like headset, etc so it varies.

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My wife has unlimited Verizon Wireless she pays $80 plus taxes per month (paperless automatic pay).

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$10; $12.99 with tax/fees. It is unlimited text and data (which is throttled at some point but I don’t use phone for internet, so…). The voice is limited to 1500 minutes per 30-day period. I use about 15 minutes per month unless out of town. I have home internet service up to 200 mbps for $30/month. Mobile phone is only for my convenience when away from home.

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$35 unlimited with Cricket Wireless. I pay 4 months at a time so I don’t have to think about at least 1 bill/month.

@jca2 I used to pay $30 also. I wonder why mine went up but yours didn’t?

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@smudges I don’t know. I’m going to look at the documents they email me and see if it says anything that i can tell you.

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My Internet data is capped at 9 GB / month, and is essentially $30/month.

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50 bucks Boost Mobile. Their
35 bucks a month is less GB. Not sure why they use the term “unlimited” but they do.

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@smudges I didn’t see anything in the emails from Cricket, but I did google Cricket to see what their plans cost, and I see they have a 30 dollar plan. Maybe you have a higher level plan?

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^^ Hmmm, I’ll have to check into that. I only know that one month they started charging $5 more.
Thank you!

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@smudges check your bill to make sure there’s no other charge on it or a fee for something.

I know with some things that are auto pay, I don’t always pay attention to them and then when I look and see a problem, I have to look into it and figure it out but I could have easily overlooked it and there are probably a lot of things that I have let slip because I don’t keep on top of it.

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I pay £11 a month and only the internet is limited but it is still far more than i need.

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40 dollars for unlimited phone and text and 15GB of data. When I am at home and work, I use the wifi. I only use my data when I am not at these two places and this allows me to save my data until next month. I think a couple of times I have used up all my data but that was a year ago.

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