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If you could write a novel like your favorite author, what would you write about?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28434points) May 27th, 2023 from iPhone

As asked.

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My family. It might never sell, but it would be a historical record. I’d put recipes in it and funny stories.

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^^Which author? I tried adding asking that but ran out of time.

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I wrote a novel about a teenage ski ball champion and one about a young ladybwho was a bullpen catcher for a minor league professional softball team. Neither went beyond my typewriter.

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I’d like to write a kind of novel set in a garden on a summer’s day when nothing unusual happens. The challenge would be in making it interesting without anyone being shot.

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The ridiculousness of believing in “God.”

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Am I the only one who got “the favorite author” part?
Rumer Godden, it would be a story of redemption, entirely character driven.

Or Octavia Butler, soft sci-fi, post apocalyptic, character driven again, redemption again.

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Franz Kafka. And I’d describe the political and social world in the USA in 2023.

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Jane Austen: a comedy of class and manners set at a New Jersey seaside resort in the 21st century.

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Gabriel García Márquez
Love In The Time of Covid

Okay, not really.
But it sounds pretty catchy. ;)

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A novel in the style of Philip K Dick where the hero finds out that most of the world’s politicians are manufactured on a planet that orbits the star Vega and are in fact androids sent to destroy mankind.

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Fear And Loathing At Mar-A-Lago. A desperate tale of Criming, Convictions, and Deceit, While Sharing Coke and Ether with Don Jr.

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