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Are you enjoying this holiday weekend?

Asked by LadyMarissa (15750points) May 28th, 2023

For those of you in the US, are you enjoying this holiday weekend?
For those of you not from the US, are you enjoying your weekend?

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Since I’m self employed, it’s just another weekend. And I enjoy each and every one!

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Yes! Weather is amazing yesterday and today. Went to zumba this morning, and now relaxing watching my Sunday shows now, house is wide open with fresh air. Going to do some work later. Tonight I’m meeting friends and going dancing in a town square here with my red white and blue on. Never forget the sacrifice.

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Send us some vids on Face book please @JLeslie

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We were invited to the neighbor’s Birthday party. It was a White Party. We had a great time! But the weather has kept us inside most of the weekend.

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@NoMore If I can get my husband to carry my phone I’ll do some live video.

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Sure. This morning went to church where I played music and gave a message for our kids. Following, kid and I went to next city over to visit historical society museum then took a stroll down the main street there. Will be doing some gardening this weekend as well as reading on my front stoop. Nice weekend for all of this.

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Great! the weather has been perfect. My son DIL and 2 grandkids came last night for a sleepover/campout/campfire. It was wonderful. They were blown away by how mnay birds there are. A giant Pileated woodpecker swooped down onto one of the suet feeders and decimated it – very different from the tiny Downy woodpeckers that also visit. I figure that suet cake was $1.59 well spent.

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Rainy day outside, dinner will be thick Sirloin steaks with a big salad !

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A barbeque today and a backyard concert yesterday and now I’m very happy to be home again. We’ve had perfect weather all weekend here!

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Not at all. Will start another question.

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We went to the Bay Area for my Grandson’s 5th birthday, and my daughter’s nephew’s high school graduation. Fun times!

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Eh. We’ll have to see what later on (Monday) brings.

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Was away with my teenage daughter to visit her classmates (sisters) and their parents. We brought two other girls so it was five teen girls and five adults for the weekend. The adults went to the pool and the kids went on the kayaks and then came to the pool and rode around on golf carts and all that. It was fun. Perfect weather, 75–80 and nice and dry and sunny. The family we visited has a second house in a mountainous region one state over, so it’s got lots of outdoor activities. There’s also lots of wildlife. The deer come right up to the deck to get the leftovers.

We go there once or twice every summer.

Got home Monday evening and unpacked, put in some laundry, had tea, now relaxing.

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^^ Love getting back home!

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Thanks for asking! Yes, very much. I had been feeling down (family stress, overload), but I had an unexpectedly good time. I went for a long walk and watched the dogs play in the lake on Saturday, then met up with old friends for dinner. Sunday, we got subs and cookies and then spent some time hanging out in the backyard with family before planting a plum tree. And today, I woke up to a herd of sheep rushing down the street (unexpected and fun to see), then cut grass with a scythe, then met up with the same family members at a fair for cotton candy, garlic bread, and rides :)

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@longgone What holiday is it there?

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@longgone That all just sounds so cool and relaxing! It’s kinda like a movie. 8)

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@JLeslie The holiday is Pentecost, a.k.a. Whit Sunday (the fiftieth day after Easter). I don’t know anyone who celebrates the ascension of the Holy Spirit in a religious manner, but the long weekend is much appreciated. Whit Monday is a holiday in many European countries.In Germany, it’s just like an extra Sunday with some local fairs. All the stores close and many people get a day off. Kids are out of school for a few days, up to a week.

@smudges Ha, you’re right! My days are usually more mundane. But the weather is great, finally, so everyone wants to be outside and I now live in a place with access to lots of nature, and also city if I want it. (Today I had a picnic breakfast by the stream with my best friend and explored an abandoned cabin…)

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^^ I’m jealous! I love exploring old buildings as long as they’re not in a dark forest or something!

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@longgone Thanks for answering. In the US it was Memorial Day. Remembering our military who have died in service.

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We went to our daughter’s boyfriend’s graduation party. Met his mom and had a nice outdoor party in great weather.

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