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In "Classroom of the Elite", why didn't the trial about the Sudou assault incident closely resemble a real one (BEWARE SPOILERS)?

Asked by luigirovatti (2776points) May 29th, 2023

I’m not criticizing the series, I’m sure there has to be more suspense, and it’s more fun this way, it’s just that I love legal thrillers, and whenever I find a trial in fiction I tend to get excited.
Anyway, if you’re wondering what I find unbelievable, it’s that class 1-D didn’t find a way to show that the photo made by Sakura could have shown Ishizaki and the others attacking Sudo. Even if the fight had already ended, maybe there was a way to make the evidence look more believable. Sakura didn’t come forward, that’s true, but if she testified that she wanted to keep her idol identity a secret, she could’ve been more believable. I simply can’t say that being from class 1-D automatically excludes you from testifying.
What I wanted to say is, if the “trial” borrowed some real life strategies from actual ones, maybe the situation would’ve been turned in Sudou’s favor.

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It happens on S01E05.

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I do not watch that show. The title alone is a turn off for me.

Anyway, first thing to note is that as a Japanese show, any trial depicted will not be based on western justice systems, but on the Japanese one.
I know almost nothing about the Japanese system, only that their incredibly high conviction rate is partially based on authorities coercing a confession out of the accused through questionable means, and they do not have the right to have a lawyer present during interrogations.
Who knows what other shady shenanigans go on behind the scenes, that make it even harder for the accused to defend themselves.

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@ragingloli This is interesting. Your comment especially intrigued me because my daughter lives in Japan. I have always wondered how fair the Japanese criminal justice system was. The fact that they record all the interrogation and make that available to the defense lawyers on request is a good sign.

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